Monday, May 4, 2015

Random Post: April 2015 Favorites!

Ahoy hoy! Today, better late than never, I am bringing you my April 2015 favorites! I don't have a lot of variety this month because I am a boring hermit, but here ya go!
-Pop! Funko figurines: Since I know Ron Perlman loves reading my blog, I am/was obsessed with "Sons of Anarchy" there for a hot minute. By the way, SUCH a good show. Well, since I am a huge Ron Perlman fan in general, I figured I should get this little Pop! Funko doll to commemorate my love for him. Pop! Funko dolls are amaaaazing little vinyl figurines and they make such great collectibles! In fact, while I have you here...

...we might have an obsession with these. They don't take up too much space and really fill in the gaps in our big shelf in the front of our house. This company makes all sorts of dolls, and they range in price from $6+. Love them!
-Blue Snowball iCE Microphone: Josh and I have been working for for almost a year now, and we have begun to record podcast style movie reviews and breaking news reactions with our partner, the website's founder, Jeff! We needed a better microphone than the one built into our headphones, so we bought this bad boy. The Blue Snowball is a USB microphone that plugs in and has INCREDIBLE sound! We love it! It works so well. If you're curious, you can listen to our SoundCloud here:
-Bath & Body Works' Watermelon Lemonade medium 'hob knob' candle: Can you see how pretty this candle holder is?! B&BW was having a $7 sale (normally $12.50) on all their medium candles, and normally I would never partake in any sale for these since they don't have the best track record with throw and often have bad burns, but....this holder....I arguably bought this for the holder instead of the scent, LOL. Talk about an impulse buy! I haven't burned it yet, but I already know what I'm going to do with it when I'm done! ;)
-Bath & Body Works' Lavender Vanilla medium candle: In order to use the coupon I had for my B&BW order, I needed to add $8 to my cart. Since the candles were $7, I figured, well, let's add another one in a scent I know I love?! I picked this up and it is burning right next to me as I type this with a boisterous, wonderful throw. This is the ultimate relaxing scent, in my opinion. Love this. Excellent burn, too, which I am frankly surprised about. I am not, however, thrilled about the giant cut in the middle of my candle. :/
-Maisie Jayne's headbands: Is it weird to say you picked up a fashion tip from a 1 year old?? My friends Erin and Mitch have the most adorable baby girl in the world and she is a bow and headband enthusiast! She has all the cutest styles in headwear, it seems. Well, I found Maisie Jayne randomly on Instagram? Etsy? I think?? now I am second guessing myself! and they were having an AMAZING Black Friday (AHAHA, talk about late)! sale last year. The first X minutes at X hour gave you 50% (?) off your entire order. I picked up 3 of these headbands with cute bows, but I only wear them at home and when I'm cleaning to keep the hair out of my face. I am not a cute 1 year old and I cannot pull them off outside the house, LOL. It has been majorly hot this week, so they have gotten A LOT of use! And, as a "bonus," the shop owner is from San Diego! Yay!
-Bath & Body Works' Watermelon Lemonade PocketBac: I bought one of these to see how it smelled in another B&BW order we placed earlier in the month for soap. WAIT, SIDEBAR!! We were completely OUT of soap this month. I mean, OUT. NONE left. Do you remember what it feels like to be out of something?? I had forgotten how it felt. Anywho, I liked this scent so much that, my B&BW order mentioned above, I bought 5 of these. F-I-V-E. Talk about disgustingly opulent, LOL! I always have one of these handy, and knowing B&BW penchant for yanking things us customers love when we least expect it, I figured, hey, might as well get 'em while they are there! I will not apologize for being efficient.
-Cheeky's Glass Nail Files: Apparently it's better to use glass/crystal nail files because it causes less splitting. I have been using these for a year and I love them. It came in a 5 pack when I bought them, and there's one in every room. I try to file my nails a couple of times a week and these have never split my nails. Excellent product for a great price.
-KBShimmer's Blue-d Lines: WOW. KBShimmer never ceases to amaze me when it comes to their holos. Totally out of my comfort zone (darker blues and dark colors in general tend to clash on me), I took a chance on this and I love it! It looks great on the nail and is super shimmery. Love it!
-KBShimmer's Thistle Be The Day: Another wonderful holo polish from KBShimmer, Thistle Be The Day is a beautiful light purple with some peachy flecks in certain lights and a sure to be showstopper. It sort of reminds me of pretty flower petals on the nail!
-Ellagee's Lickity Split Latex Mani Mask: Much like Jolie Polish's Nooks and Crannies from my favorites last month, Ellagee has a similar product, only it is a much darker color and uses a wider brush. I like to use them both for different "jobs" when painting on polish, but the darker color is definitely a standout for this product. Try it if you're horrible at painting your nails like me. ;)
-Dolcetta's Artisan Sweets, Peanut Crisp Truffles: CANDY!!!!!! I saw these on Treatsie and knew I had to have them. Sure enough, they are insanely addicting. I love these. I must have more. They taste like these candies we make at Christmas but waaaaay more delectable and fancy.
-The Simpsons Tapped Out app: I am loving this game. I have been playing since it came out and I am finally getting my town in order! If you play, I am the highest level and promise to be a good neighbor. My user name is; lololoves7. Add me!
-Trivia Crack app: Do you want to waste a billion hours playing a game with your friends and be endlessly entertained and frustrated at the same time? PLAY TRIVIA CRACK!!Q My user name is: lololovesfilms, and I am obsessed. Let's have a go, shall we? ;)
There are my favorite products from last month! Did anything stand out to you as something you'd want to try?


  1. Nice round up Lolo! I love your two candles <3 I could see that pink one being a hit with Sunnee too. Thank you for posting a link to your podcast. I have been wanting to listen to it. Digging those holo polishes. KBShimmer rocks it out. Can't wait to see your summer collection haul!

    1. These medium candles sure do throw pretty well! My mind might be changing! I hope you listen, it might be a tad NSFW, we get on a roll sometimes and f-bombs might fly, lol. Love holo polishes more and more each day! KBShimmer sure has a lot of fun colors coming out, I will haul them! :)


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