Thursday, May 7, 2015

Order of the Odor: Volume 9

Welcome to the Order of the Odor! We all hope your May is warm and full of sunshine and flower scented breezes. Please join us in our question of the month and answer in the comments!

Do you scent your home with methods other than wax?
I use Bath & Body Works wallflowers from time to time. I have noticed they work sometimes, but not always. We always have air spray from Glade hanging around just in case there's a stinky problem that needs to be fixed quickly (trash, dog poop, other dog related smelliness, etc). I also have a couple of incense holders around and use them every once in a while, but mainly, I stick to wax tarts and candles!

Deb takes up back to when she shopped Etsy to fill her tart cravings. She posted about two cute vendors that may get your Etsy antenna back on and quivering for some cute hidden gems. There is also a fun blurb about some handmade soap... mmmmm... smelly things.....

Sunnee has sung praises for her beau Beezy's Strip 'N Go Naked before but now there is a new scent on the block that she is loving. Come see what delicious hot new aroma has Sunnee itching to order more of in the very near future.

Starburst, Skittles and vanilla marshmallows? Strong throw, TAT like a bolt of lightening, and a company that is almost always open? You need to see what Lolo has been melting recently so you can get in on a piece of this yummy scent. 

Vintage Chic Scents has been cornering the wax market on awesome samplers as of late. Julie hauled one this past month that had her sniffing in bliss. It contained some old faves and new finds. Find out which sampler she nabbed. 
In memory of Fannie.
"A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad." -Robert Wagner


  1. Mmmmm... I love incense but Adam and the girls hate it. So no go for me unless I am home alone, which is as rare as hen's teeth. Fannie is loved <3

    1. No incense?! :O I am shocked! Is it the smells they don't like? Most incense scents I have smelled aren't the fruity, lovely ones, they are the musky, mature and intoxicating ones. Fannie <3

    2. I'm loving all the love that has been shown for Fannie and Sunnee <3

      Like Julie, I also love incense. I have some that is green tea scented.. it's really nice! But - it's hard for me to give up my air space for anything but wax ;)

  2. Lauren, thank you so much for posting these pictures of Fannie. <3 It has warmed my heart seeing them on my friends' blog.

    1. Fannie was a great, special dog, and I'm glad to be part of this commemoration and your life. We love you so much, Sunnee. <3


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