Friday, May 22, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #75: Tiffany Candles' Grape Muscadine

Do you ever feel goofy? My middle name should be goofy.
Tiffany Candles' Grape Muscadine
Cold Rating5/10
Lit Rating: 6/10
Throw Rating: 6/10
Overall Rating6/10; grape scents are not my forte, unless they are Goofy Grape from Beezy (see, you didn't think there was a connection with the goofy above, BUT THERE WAS. I will take my Not really sure if this is supposed to smell like weird wine? But it does. Sort of fresh, but weirdly fruity, almost artificial. Free samples. Odd off notes in some wax. SHAPES! Tiffany Candles is sentimentally and (usually) performingly one of my favorite vendors. Not digging grape scents. Being into wine (the drink) lately, and the fruitier, the better. No tannin for me!! Grape peels??????? Medium average throw, lasted 4 hours in the bathroom before it not longer became noticeable to me. Tiffany has THE BEST scoopables in wax EVER. Try them. Glitter bombs!!!


  1. Goofy goofy goobers! Goofy is fun. Grapes are hit or miss for me too. Not a fan of the muscadine scents either. I do want some Tiffany scoopables.

    1. Scoopables! I thought I was going crazy with a weird wine scent underneath! Goofy is the best, I am glad you're a goofy goober!

  2. I just melted Grape Muscadine from Ten Digit Creations and it smells like candy grape? Nothing like wine in my opinion! I would have liked a little of that wine-y bitterness (is that tannins?), lol! I want Tiffany scoopables too!

    1. Maybe I will need to try Grape Muscadine from TDC! I have been eyeing them for another order for about a year, lol! Tiffany's scoopables are really the best!!


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