Saturday, June 27, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #80: Candles from the Keeping Room's Toasted Marshmallow

Marshmallows are making a comeback this summer in our house. I can't get enough!!
Toasted Marshmallow - best way to describe this scent is...when you are making your sweet potato dishes, and spread the top of the dish with marshmallows....and run it under your broiler..the nice sweet toasted aroma of yummy, sweet and yet still a comfort scent
Candles from the Keeping Room's Toasted Marshmallow
Cold Rating8/10
Lit Rating: 8.5/10
Throw Rating9/10
Overall Rating8.5/10; cruller tarts are the cutest. Gooey, ooey, yummy, sweet, a little toasty, not overly so, wonderful. CFTKR has one of the best marshmallow scents out there. 1-2 tarts per melting session. A bag lasts forever. Paraffin wax seemingly lasts years. Lasting! Simply, elegant labeling, always accurate, descriptive scent descriptions. Images of Thanksgiving because of the above description. Very strong throw, excellent while melting smell. Lasted 8+ hours in the bathroom on multiple occasions.

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  1. Niiiiiiice!!!! Her coconut marshmallow is extraordinary!!! I never understood that word extra-ordinary? More ordinary? Equals better than average? Who knows. But it rocks!


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