Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: May 2015 Vellabox Review!

Another subscription box, Lolo? I AM ADDICTED, LADIES AND GENTS. This time, we have another candle subscription box, so yes, it is themed! Woohoo! Vellabox is a bit different in that they allow you to select which type of "tier" you want to join:
  • The Standard: For $10/month + $2 shipping and handling, you can get 1 candle monthly, and the candle you get will be around ~4 ounces with a ~25 hour burn time. (This is the option I chose to begin with to see if I actually used the candle in a reasonable amount of time)
  • The Afficionado: For $20/month and free shipping, you can get 1 candle monthly, and the candle you get will be around ~8 ounces with a ~50 hour burn time.
  • The Luxe: For $30/month and free shipping, you can get 1-2 candles monthly, and the candle(s) you get will be around ~12 ounces with a ~75 hour burn time.
Anyways, I have broken down the system for you, and I'm sure you're thinking, "LET'S SEE THE GOODS!" Okay, okay! Let's jump into my very first candle! I was super excited to get this package in the mail!!
Love the yellow! Imaginary points for the box color because I am obsessed with yellow, lol.
The front of the box. I really like that this box is quite small, meaning there's not a ton of useless, pointless packaging!
Upon opening the box, I saw this cool little "card" on the inner flap, only the card is made out of some type of wood and not paper. A nice touch!!
Another nice touch on the side of the box! Very neat to see such a gorgeous little package.
Here's the inside of the box. Nicely wrapped candle in some sort of mesh and tied with twine. It was very secure in there.
A closer look at that wooden card. I love this! Very creative and very unique way of having a business/web addressing type of card.
MY FIRST CANDLE! I received the 3.5 ounce No. 11 Amber & Moss candle, handmade in California and with 100% soy wax, from P.F. Candle Co. Upon first glance, this candle might not look like much, but because of this, I am in love with it. Look at the clean, crisp packaging, even the typeface of the label is neat and uniformed and FITS! I really like the color of the jar, too, which sounds stupid but again, imaginary points. The lid comes off easily, which is good for someone like me who has rheumatoid arthritis (I only mention this because I recently received a candle that was reeeally hard to open, even on a good day). I really appreciate the sleek, smooth look of it on my desk in out bedroom.
One wick, right in the middle. I burned this 2 times and both times, the wax pooled completely out in about an hour or less. The throw in the beginning, while not initially as strong as I would have liked, grew and grew very ferociously over time. In 2 hours, the room was filled with a very intoxicating, mature scent of amber and what I can only describe as a damp, earthy scent (assuming it's the moss?). Wow. I would not have picked something like this for myself, but I am pleasantly surprised with how much I liked this scent! Slightly perfumey, very enriched earth, and a little bit of some sort of citrus and herbaceousness type of background note make for an unexpected yet fulfilling burn. I didn't want to extinguish this, but we were leaving. The second time, I let this baby go for 4 hours, as per the label instructions, and perhaps I should have kept the backdoor shut, because I could smell this outside a little bit, LOL.
The bottom of the candle, including warning label. Even cooler typeface on the bottom! I have spent hours on their site looking to buy something else even before Vellabox included them in their monthly box, but since I liked the way this candle burned, now I am all the more intrigued. I just can't decide what to get, everything looks awesome! I would definitely buy something, maybe even sooner rather than later! ;)
There you have it, my first month as a Vellabox subscriber! Overall, I am pleased with my candle, the packaging, the price point, and the shipping! Have you hear of this subscription service? Does this vendor intrigue you, have you heard of them before?


  1. I saw this same exact candle on vanilla and lime's IG and I swooned over and now you are taunting me with this candle toooooo!!!! The scent, branding and glass color are all amazing. What a neat subscription. And at $10 I am totally on board. Great subscription box Lauren. Love it.

  2. Oh Lauren! This post. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading it!

    I'm definitely interested in this subscription box. Thank you for all the awesome info. <3

    1. Here's hoping you give it a try! <3 Glad you liked the post, I had fun writing my thoughts on this service and the candle!!

  3. Interesting! Do you have any kind of say in what candle you get? Like, is there a scent preference profile to fill out or do you get to choose between A, B, C each month? Or is it a total surprise?


    1. What Deb said! :D The little wood card is a fantastic idea.


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