Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Random Post: A Little Bit of Lotsa Brands o' Nail Polish Haul!

I have a confession to make.


I have accumulated quite a bit in the last 2 years, and I'm sort of having a problem putting them places, LOL. The purge of my polish will happen soon! I have made a couple smaller hauls over the last few months, so I wanted to share them with you all in one place! I have purchased a mix of spring and holiday polishes, so there is some variety here. Have you bought any polishes lately? What are you loving to wear right now??

Liquid Sky Lacquer is an indie polish brand I had heard a lot about online. After looking up some swatches, I decided to buy a couple of mini polishes from her shop. Now, when I say mini, I mean mini, about 4 oz. per polish! I absolutely love that this vendor gives the option to buy smaller polishes because sometimes, when you get it in person, it looks way different than it does online. 4 ounces isn't that much, plus, they are cheaper, so they don't break the bank at all! Now, let's get to lookin', shall we?
I've had my eye on It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ever since a swatch of it was posted to the Liquid Sky Lacquer Instagram account. It's a really shimmery gold polish with little tiny round/dot/hex glitters in it. This polish is SO unique! I haven't seen anything like this (or the silver one) before. I love it and can't wait to wear it, and I feel like this is more of a year round polish, too. Holly Berries boasts green bar glitter, reeeeally tiny gold glitter flecks and red "berries," too. Such a cool polish. This will definitely be worn closer to Christmas. Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins (LOVE THE NAME, "Elf" for the win) is a medium green polish with tons of different colored and shaped glitters, including stars. This might be my Christmas Day manicure color. Love! (PS: these polishes look much bigger in the photo, I assure you, they are tinier and a normal polish bottle).
Each polish came individually wrapped in bubble wrap...
...and a cute little sachet bag in a like color. This attention to packaging detail is one reason I will come back to LSL!
XTC is a really bright pink. My favorite!
Turn Up is a lime green holo explosion. SO COOL!!
Sugar Skull is a Halloween polish, but I think it can be used any time of the year because of its all purpose look. So cool! I have worn this 2 times over white polishes and it looks fun and funky.
Trick Or Treat is another Halloween polish and one that looks like a colorful romp, huh? Full of greens and blues and blacks and little glitters and bit circle spots. I can't wait to wear this and I have been waiting for the right summer-early fall time to wear it. Really neat-o looking!
This is an on the nail shot of "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," can you believe how incredible this looks? Wowza...I am speechless. That blurry shot though...
Superchic Lacquer is another polish brand I heard about on Instagram. Her branding is freakin' awesome, especially if you like superhero stuff. I bought a couple of polishes a while back and never shared them. Heeeeeeeeeeerrrrre ya go!
Like I said, adorable branding! AND 5 FREE!!
Dumb Luck, a really lovely, muted neon green! I have been obsessed with greens in life lately. The site describes this as "retro."
Happenstance, a poppy, bright, teenybopperish lovely pink with a slight sheen!
Cause & Effect, a muted, gorgeous light tangerine orange. Love this color!!
They also sent me a key chain emery board with my order! Neat-o!

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  1. That's it. I need more holos. That gold is gorgeous. Those bottle shapes from Superchic are totally cool. Unique bottle shapes grab me every time. Sweet hauls!


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