Thursday, June 18, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: May 2015 Love With Food Review!

I enjoyed my April 2015 Love With Food box so much, I figured I'd stay on as a member for a couple more months. Let's see what my May box brought, shall we?! (SORRY FOR THE DELAY, I AM TRYING TO BE BETTER).
The signature red box!
Upon opening the box.
This month's box tasting box was themed "Fiesta! Fiesta!" Probably for Cinco de Mayo, eh?
The pamphlet displaying the box's contents!
Vintage Bee's Creamed Honey with Hibiscus scared me. Honey and flowers? Ehhhh, weird. I was SO wonderfully surprised by this! It was DELICIOUS. The texture was a little bit grainy, but not distractedly so. I ate this on my finger. With nothing else. No toast, no drink, no nothing. And I am not ashamed. 5/5.
Close-up of the honey. Lovely color and viscosity!
HomeFree's Mini Lemon Burst Cookies were also wonderfully delicious, but unfortunately, there were only 3 in the bag! LOL! I was annoyed about this because I wanted MORE!! The lemon burst was zesty, sweet and tasty. The cookie was crunchy and fresh. Apparently they are gluten, egg and dairy free, so that's good for those of you who have such restrictions in your diet! 4.5/5.
Close-up of the chips. Very green, huh? These even LOOK healthy. These are The Better Chip's Spinach & Kale and Sea Salt chips were very crunchy! But, they also smelled like kale, LOL. They were good and almost made me forget I was eating kale. I, unlike most people, don't hate kale, but I couldn't eat it all the time. These felt healthy, had a hefty bite and a nice amount of salt. 4/5.
Dick & Jane Baking Co.'s Spanish & English educational snack cookies were okay, but not special. Sort of like animal crackers, but not really. Sort of stale, but crunchy and fresh enough. Here's a close-up of the cookies, fishies and stars! I really like the look of these, but the taste? So so. 3/5.
These Inka Corn bits were SO tasty. There were like giant corn nuts, but softer and puffier and more delicious, even though they were basically just corns. I loved the chile picante flavor, but they were quite salty. 4.5/5.
PBThins Peanut Butter Crackers are ADDICTING! The best thing about these foodie boxes is trying new products and this is one I could see myself buying for years to come. *drool* So tasty, very peanut buttery, very light, crunchy, and a bit sweet. YUM. 5/5.
I haven't eaten this Coconut + Pink Guava Fruit Ice from Smooze yet, so I am passing on this! I am excited to eat it, I just keep forgetting it's in the freezer! I like that this has no HFCS and no preservatives.
The Iced Minto Mango candy from GoOrganic is something I didn't like at all. It was off putting and weird to have mint and mango together in a candy and it didn't work for me at all. It tasted pretty gross. 1/5. The blood orange candy, though, was wonderful and perfect and juicy and great!! 5/5.
Despite one really awful item, this box was a huge success! I really, really liked it! I am still a member and will continue to be for a few more months. Have you seen or tried any of these products ever? Let me know!


  1. This post makes me want to go to the neatest 7-11 and get a bag of ranch corn nuts. Stat.

    Nice box of fun yummies!

    1. I really like this box! I always think of the girls, they would like this box of cool health foods!


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