Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Haul: Rosegirls April 2015 Custom Order Haul!

I must have been one of the first people to order when Rosegirls opened up for custom orders in the middle of April. What can I say? I needed my mints!!!!!! I just received this package yesterday (LOOK AT ME HAULING ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!!) and wanted to share my not-so-bizarre Frankenstein creations with you all, so here ya go!
As always, I will begin with my samples! Strawberry Raspberry Lemonade smells really good, nice and fruity, but unfortunately, I have had troubles with the RG lemonade scent in the past, and by troubles I mean not liking the scent remotely, lol. I just prefer their sweet lemon confection over their lemonade. We will just have to see how this performs and transforms while melting.
Singing in the Shower - blend of Singing in the Rain and Zen
Singing in the Shower was the other sample and I LOVE THIS. I have been gravitating towards all things fresh as I get longer into my wax years and this is perfect. This chunk is HUGE. I will cut it in half and melt each portion in different warmers on cleaning day. Very fresh and sort of airy.
I got on small custom loaf (15-16 ounces for $19) in Marshmallow Smoothie/Sweet Lavender/Peppermint, otherwise known as Cool Beans. I think in RG's blended Cool Beans, something else besides peppermint is the overpour, but I always make mine be peppermint because, well, you know me and mint. This is my second favorite mint scent in the entire world of was only behind my first love, pink peppermint. UGH. Let this one cure a couple of months and I swear it will be stronger. Amazing scent.
No Worries - blend of cool Spearmint, icy Peppermint and calming Eucalyptus
I only bought 2 "bakery bags" in this order and it was reeeeeeeeally hard to narrow it down considering Jenny, the owner of Rosegirls, added a TON of new, amazing scents before she opened. A bakery bag is comprised of 8+ ounces for $10. No Worries is spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus. Ummm, hello! ME MUCH? I had to snatch this immediately. And I was right, it's wonderful and tremendous and minty and YES. I will not be waiting to cure this and will be melting it tonight probably (because I am a self-imposed rule rebel).
Olive You - Uniquely sweet and fruity yet fresh blend. A must try for those that like unique scents!
Fruity, sweet and fresh is the exact description I thought of when smelling Olive You, a new blend at Rosegirls. This one took me completely by surprise. I got it on a whim and figured it'd be something I'd tolerate, but I actually really like this one a lot! The freshness hits you first, followed by a sweet fruit. It's almost like something you'd smell walking into a spa. I love this! Chunks, anyone? ;)
The rest of my order is comprised of custom chunk muffins. Each set comes with 4, which I cut in half. The set of 4 (11-12oz) costs $14. In an effort to dupe my beloved London Calling from Bath & Body Works (tea with lemon), I blended Sweet Lemon Confection chunks with a new scent, Sweet Tea. ERMAHGERD. It really DOES smell like London Calling! I am so excited! But also depressed because I only have 4 muffins! I won't be waiting to melt this, either, lol.
Spearmint/Sweet Lavender/Peppermint: Rosegirls has the best sweet lavender, in my opinion, and I try to blend it wherever possible. It really mixes well with the spearmint and the peppermint and it will be a lovely nighttime scent. Cool, refreshing and interesting.
Swizzle Sticks/Pink Sugar/Spearmint: This blend actually made it onto the Rosegirls Facebook page "customer blend of the day" the other day! Woot! Jenny sent me a sample of Spearmint Swizzle Sticks in an order a while back and I wanted to recreate this, plus pink sugar. Yum! This is a home run. I think the sweet swizzle sticks really sets this apart from the others because there is another level of interesting added to it. And! Look. At. Those. Colors!!! GET THIS BLEND!
Spearmint/Pink Sugar/Peppermint: Not much to say about this since I have received it from many other vendors and have loved it for a while now. It smells like all of the other ones, but Rosegirls has a way with melanging smells together to transform them into something way better when combined. Spearmint is a new love of mine, so it mixed with anything and everything is a-okay in my book.
Pink Sugar/Peppermint: I had to do it, lol. If I remember correctly, Rosegirls pink peppermint scent is nice, but not one of the strongest out there? I melted it way back when, so I am on a mission to remember, lol. Love pink peppermint and I can never get enough. It's my desert island scent.
So, that's my April 2015 Rosegirls haul! See anything you like? Have you ordered from Rosegirls? Do you like Rosegirls? Any hardcore minty recommendations for me?


  1. drooling. So many things I need to address here Lolo.

    First, the London Calling dupe you blended up so brilliantly. I can almost smell it from here and I'm loving the thought of SLC and sweet tea.
    Olive You smells INSANELY GOOD. I just received a sample of it and I'm dyiiinnnngg over it.
    I'm curious how close Singing in the Shower is to Singing in the Rain--which was a tad too clean for my taste.
    You were fast as lightning with your order placement! Love that you have your custom already! <3

    1. It smells identical to London Calling, I swear!!

      Glad you got to smell Olive You it really does smell nice, huh!? Yeah!

      Singing in the Shower is definitely different, but there are definitely wisps of Singing in the Rain in there. <3

  2. Your order ROCKS! And excited at you posting so fast! Singing in The Shower and Olive You are ones I want to try and get from the store. And No Worries. All your minty pinky lavendery blends make me swoon. You are one master mint blender mama!

    Please review warmed! I have a feeling a lot if these blends will be added to my next RG plotting list

    1. Mint, mint, MINT!!!!! You know me, LOL. I can never get enough minty mints! No Worries is SO good, you will love it! Hopefully we can get more from the store! :D

      I will review warmed just for you! Thanks for asking! <3

  3. I missed this post yesterday and when I read it just now I was all confused. Like, wait, when is this from? When was that last opening? You got it already? No way, this must be some old order you're just getting around to. And so on. LOL

    That watermelon-lemonade (?) that you sent me, I gave a chunk of it to a coworker for her birthday and she LOOOOVED it. I'm going to give her another chunk, along with a chunk of the watermelon-peppermint one from before.


    1. I really couldn't believe I got my order so fast! I guess it was these lightning digits. ;)

      I am glad someone is loving the chunks! It was just sort of strange for me, and I wondered if, ultimately, you disliked it, too. That watermelon peppermint one, however, AMAZING.


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