Monday, June 1, 2015

Haul: Alamo Candelaria "Vintage" Haul!

If you remember back a little while, I excitedly exclaimed that I thought I found a dupe for my highly beloved, highly coveted Bath & Body Works candle, London Calling in Alamo Candelaria's scent, Vintage. I'm almost sure of it, and if it's not a 100% dupe, it's pretty damn close, at least close enough to satisfy me, anyway.

While browsing in a moment of weakness one night a couple of months ago, I noticed Vintage was removed from the Alamo Candelaria website. Let me tell you, I FREAKED. I even messaged the owner of the company, Kyme, to see if it was gone for good. Thankfully, it wasn't, so like an obsessive madwoman, I went on her site multiple times to see if it was back. A couple weeks later, there it was! I may have gone a *bit* crazy, but not too crazy. Here's what I got!
Kyme always includes one of her Salt Lique Lollis in each order (I think and I have gotten one each time so I assumed????). I LOVE these things. The chai tea scent is very unique, but oh so good. You have to try them to believe the hype. I gave one to my niece and nephew, but they didn't like it, so it's definitely an adult lolli.
She also included a sample of the soap called Pepperberry and Port. This smells wonderful! Sort of masculine, sort of clean, I can't wait to use this. It takes a long while to use one of these little slivers, so I will have to add it to the shower soon.
Though gorgeous, I gave this soap sample to a friend. I hope they enjoy it!
Wax melts, wax melts, WAX MELTS!! This is one of her "signature parchment packs" and LOOK AT THE DETAILING. Wow, A+++ for packaging from Alamo. I mean, gorgeous. These packs come with 4 huge tarts that could easily be cut in half and distributed in 2 warmers, but I plop one of these in sparingly since they last so long. Mmmmm, tea and lemon.
I purchased one of her body creams, called La Crema, in my first haul from this company. I sort of went into it without knowing what to expect and picked a scent that was waaaaaaay not for me. I used it a couple of times and gave it to a friend who I know likes lotions and such. I am hoping to have good results with this since the smell is so amazing and people have said good things about it. Yay!
I also picked up a Vintage scented body spray because why not? It is a really milky looking spray, if you can see judging on the bottom photo here, and sort of gets everywhere on your person when you spray it, so it's best to spray it on yourself nakie, just in case. Not that it stains, because it hasn't, but if you're planning on using it and going out, I'd rather play it safe. One thing I have noticed is that, though each form of scent, be it spray or lotion of wax or candle, everything manages to smell the exact same to me. Awesome bonus!
Finally, my love, my longing...I got a smallish candle (name not available right now as her site is down for maintenance) to see how it compares! YES!! And again with that packaging details! This smells amazing and I am going to burn it RIGHT NOW!!

So, that's my second Alamo Candelaria haul! Have you tried this company? See anything you like? Let me know!


  1. Lauren! This post is everything a wax addict needs in their life. Can I tell you how badly I want to order now -- I want to try the body spray immediately! I think Vintage would translate very well as a personal fragrance (please let me know if it doesn't) Such a great haul post!

    1. Sunnee! Hi! I am glad you liked the post! I have really been trying to do hauls again, but they are hard sometimes! I hope you try Alamo's body stuff, I think she makes a great spray. Vintage smells SO good on the skin, in my opinion. Thanks for reading! <3 <3

  2. LOVE this post!!! Her wax medallions really are some of my most favorite wax. Once I melt through more of my stash I will order some AC goodies. I am so excited for you. Hope the candle does well!

    1. Same here, I love her wax medallions. I love the word medallion, too! LOL. I hope you get to order some more Vintage! ;)

  3. Nice. Her wax stuff always looks so high-end and professional. I do want to place a small order someday but never think of this vendor when I'm pondering orders.


    1. I agree about her stuff looking professional and high-end! Totally! I think her labeling and packaging are top notch, especially since Lasting Scent Candles is out of the game soon. I hope you do place an order at some point, even though it looks like she *does* actually close now and then.

  4. Nice order, Lolo!! I need to try her medallions but am always overwhelmed by the scent list and what I would like. I've purchased three wax cracks and love'em! My last purchase was Soul Sista (a scrumptious berry blend) and Third Eye (really nice incense/nag champa blend).

    Is the La Crema on the heavy or light side? Curious if you use it for a hand lotion or all over lotion ;).


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