Monday, June 15, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: May 2015 Flicker Box Review!

I received by second Flicker Box a couple of weeks ago and have been slacking when it comes to burning these candles and getting these thoughts up, so let's jump quickly into the review before I talk too much!
The outside of the box. Again, lovely packaging, I like the Flicker Box stamp!
Inside! Great packaging, these candles ain't going nowhere.
Upon opening the box, the placard with the vendors included in the box greeted me, as per usual. I love subscription boxes that feature cards about either the contents of the box, or who is featured in the box.
Soy Delites is a company out of Texas and one I have never heard of. They sent along a Jasmine scented candle in a tin. It smells LOVELY and when burning, it is quite fragrant! I'd say an upper medium throw, but it takes a while to build up the scent and it's not an instantly humongous throw. There's not much to it apart from the jasmine and it did take a while to permeate the living room, but still, it was nice. I have melted this several times and it has taken 1-2 hours to get a full, out to the edge wax pool. I am looking forward to buying from this company!
This company also sent along a little round of matches! Very cool, but these are hard as hell to reassemble. The cardboard container is really stiff and nearly impossible to shove back together, at least for me. But, I like these matches and the strike up real fast.
Peony - big, round peony flowers enveloped in a bush of lush green foliage
Eco Candle Company included a really nice Peony scented candle. I don't have a huge experience with peony scented candles, but this smells pretty sweet and sort of green right out of the box. While lit, the throw on this isn't too big. It's there, a little, and what is there is pleasant, but even in a smaller room I couldn't really smell a whole heck of a lot of this. I had something melting in a warmer in a different room and it easily overtook this candle. I think it could enhance whatever scent you were melting, but by itself, it's not a big room scent. I have poked around their website and they have a lot of scents that I'd be interesting in burning to see if I got similar results, or if it was just this scent!
I have to admit, I reeeeeeally tried to get into the Lilac scented candle from Flicker Box, exclusively, but I just couldn't. It smells weird on cold sniff, an odd mixture of sweet florals, lush moss and bug spray. I will eventually get to burning it, but I just didn't before I reviewed this box. I know, I know, sorry!! I will, though. The candle is REALLY big, so I would hate for it to go to waste. The label is nice and the description is fine, but the scent...eesh. Not for me. :(
The matches, as always! :)
The card for Soy Delites.
There you have my thoughts/reviewsish of my second box from Flicker Box! Overall, I still really enjoy the service, but had a couple of complaints this time around. I am still looking forward to more boxes to come! :)


  1. This is kind of a bummer but I'm still excited about this box. I like the look of the peony candle quite a bit.
    I've never met a Lilac that I liked.

    1. Lilac sounds no bueno all around. Meh. I am excited about this month's box, it's MUCH better than the May box1

  2. Lilac is a tricksy scent for me. It usually is way to astringent and cleaner like. Your lil tin of Jasmine and the matches are my favorite. Your recent candle posts have me burning some old BBW candles I have had out, unburned, for way too long. Are you going to keep on with this box? I love your candle sub boxes.

    1. I have burning candles all spring and summer and have fallen back in love with them. What are you loving burning lately? <3 I am definitely gonna keep this box, I might get rid of the Treatsie one in place of this. <3

    2. I burned BBW lavender vanilla all day yesterday. <3


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