Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: JMae's Pumpkin Spice tart

It's alright to burn your samples first, right? There's no rule that says you have to burn your purchased products first...


Because seriously, this pumpkin spice soy tart has been calling my name ever since I opened my package. This tart is adorable and in a cute pumpkin shape! I appreciate these little touches that set online vendors apart from the big named businesses.

Even though Halloween is over, that's no excuse to put pumpkin scents back in storage! Pumpkin and spice are two of my favorite scents, and they are even better when combined. JMae's pumpkin spice soy tart does have these two ingredients, but is, unfortunately, short lived. It only had fragrance for about 2 hours; plus, the scent didn't travel far, just to the doorway of the bedroom. This is not necessarily bad, but I would have liked a bigger scent throw when melting! The other thing is, instead of being scented with evenly with pumpkin and spice, it was heavy on the spice, which is fine...but I couldn't exactly place what spice it was. Maybe allspice? Maybe an all-purpose pumpkin pie spice, combining multiple spices? Something was off about it. To me, this scent invokes more of a cinnamon bun or cinnamon toast type of aroma, with subtle hints of pumpkin. It was semi-powerful, but faded fast. It also did that weird, not solidifying thing when I turned off the warmer. I have 3 tarts left from this company, so let's see how those stack up later on in the days to come!

JMae's Pumpkin Spice
Cold Rating: 4/10; the only scent I got on cold throw was some sort of spice that I couldn't put my finger made me sad there was hardly any scent, but...
Lit Rating: 5/10; it was sort of bakery, sort of spicy, not really all that pumpkiny...I definitely got a hint of cinnamon, but I really couldn't place what the other scent was AND IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY!
Throw Rating: 5/10; it stayed in the bedroom and didn't drift too far, just average.
Overall Rating: 5/10; I'm sad that I didn't get much out of this scent. Maybe it was an off day, but the scent only lasted about 2 hours and then it was gone. Poof...where did it go?! It stuck around pervasively at first, then fizzled out, as some tarts tend to do. It had a decent spicy scent, though!

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