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Weekend Wax Review: November 22-25

Hi! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you indulge in Black Friday, a successful shopping trip. Me? I only do Black Friday online because the idea of getting up at an ungodly hour to wait in line with a bunch of people who have every intention of mauling me for a toaster is NOT my cup of tea...
...I prefer to shop at home. In my pajamas. Coffee in hand. Price checking. Warm. Non-mauling people. Candles.

Black Friday was my one exception to Project Wax, so I placed small orders with a few companies I have been wanting to try; their deals were just too good, so I had to buy while I could! I will anxiously await (read, try to make room for more tarts) these orders to come in! In the mean time, I melted a hefty amount from Friday to today. I decided to include Thanksgiving and Friday because this sort of felt like an extended weekend with Thanksgiving!
During Thanksgiving, my mom had this candle going: Fig & Spiced Pear from Michael's (which, if you don't live near one, if a craft store), but I'm not sure of the brand. I really, really liked this scent! It sort of smelled like Brown Sugar and Fig from B&BW, but much fruitier. The pears were spicy, the figs were pungent, and it was awesome. On cold sniff about a week ago, I'd give it a 6/10. Warm sniff 7/10. Throw 5.5/10, for a total of 6/10. I might have to see if Michael's still sells these bad boys!
First off, I melted Holly Berry from Tiffany Candles. This sample was in her new wax blend, which has no cure time* This scent was pretty good! I'm usually picky with my piney, tree-y, forest-y scents, but the soft scent of berries compliments the Fir tree note very well! It wasn't too terribly strong as far as throw goes, but it filled up our bedroom quite nicely. Also, I love when companies put special touches on their wax, like glitter or baubles or charms. That matters to me more than what type of wax is used or how long I have to let it cure. For Tiffany Candles, I'd wait an entire year for their amazing products! I'd give this one a 6/10!
It seems like I was on a Front Porch kick this weekend. I started off with Lavender Love Dare. Now, Love Dare, on cold sniff, smells great and filled with orange, citrus, and even a little bit of a musky note. With the added lavender, however, the citrus flavor is hardly anywhere to be found. To me, this one smelled musty, not musky, sort of like mothballs, if that makes any sense. I think, while Front Porch makes AMAZING products, I'm just simply not a fan of their lavender fragrances, be it alone or mixed with something else. I will let the rest of my 6(ish) lavender tarts (from my sampler) cure a bit, but I just couldn't get past the old lady perfume room smell. 4/10.
Lavender Marshmallow was the same way...the creaminess of the marshmallow was thrown off by the mustiness of the lavender. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE lavender, it is one of my favorite scents, but I have not had the best luck with lavender from Front Porch. This one was a bit better than Lavender Love Dare, but not by much. It was also a lot less strong than the other scent. On cold sniff, I couldn't get much out of it. I think, if I ever finish my Project Wax bag, when I make another FP order, I will get a Lavender by itself to see how that smells, then maybe I can judge based on the individual scents. For now, this is a 4.5/10 in my book.
 Next up, we have Front Porch's Pink & Purple Wine...while it did, in fact, smell like wine, something was off. I'm not sure why FP blends pink sugar with anything, really, because often times the pink is muted by the strong main scent itself! That's what happened here. I would have liked to smell a little more of a muddled, sweeter wine scent from the pink sugar, but it just got lost in a sea of booze. We were not fans of this was strong, sure, but not for us. On cold sniff, 5/10. On warm sniff, 4/10. Throw overall, 6/10. A total of 5/10, just average.
Next, we have Candles From The Keeping Room (CFTKR)'s Pink Sugared Waffers...oh. my. god. This scent was heavenly. CFTKR so beautifully blends their pink sugar with other, unexpected ingredients to create these....what's the word....magical blends, and no, I'm not kidding or exaggerating. I instantly felt happier when I had this I was a little kid getting to experience sugary, delicious wafer cookies for the very first time. We melted this all Friday afternoon, all night, and into the morning and it was still going strong. CFTKR is DEFINITELY in my top 5 favorite vendors after this scent, I tell you what. On cold sniff, 8/10. Warm sniff, 9/10. Throw 8/10. Overall, 8/10, and a job well done. I can't wait until Carol opens her shop again!
Tiffany Candles' Fruity Loops in the new wax blend. Simply fabulous. Truly smells like Fruit Loops cereal, melted strong all afternoon, night, and well into this morning. Throw 8.5/10. Cold sniff 7.5/10. Warm sniff 8.5/10, for a total of 8/10. Tiffany Candles does it again...they are really quite unstoppable, especially with this no cure-time wax blend.
Sorry about the blurry photo, not sure what happened there. Finally, Josh picked this one out before he went to work this morning. He said something to the effect of, "here, try this, you don't like bread scents, so get it out of the way." FR's bread scents are absolutely amazing, and this is no exception. It's very complex; when I got home from dropping him off at work, I only smelled freshly baked bread, nothing more...but when I walked into the bedroom, I was greeted with wisps of raisins, cinnamon, bread, and even a bit of cherry! Cold sniff 6/10. Warm sniff 7.5/10. Throw 8/10, for a total of 7/10.

There's my weekend wax review!**

I will update my Project Wax status a bit later, for those of you who are interested. Have a fabulous week, happy melting!
*For those of you who are new to the wax world, in order to get a better scent and scent throw, candles and tarts often need to cure, or wait a couple of weeks, to reach their full potential and potency!

**PLEASE keep in mind these opinions are all my own. What I find to be wonderful, others may hate, and what other may love, I may detest. We're all entitled to our own opinions, and my reviews don't mean that these vendors are bad, because they are all good at something, I just need to find what I like from each vendor and stick to it! Since I'm new to the different online vendors, I am trying any and everything I can get my hands on to sample!

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  1. Choices, choices.....these all look good.....I have to wait a few weeks, but i'm deciding between The Keeping Room and Candles by Victoria!!!!


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