Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Wax Review: November 2-4

I melted quite a few things this weekend.

Part of me wants to go through my stash of Tiffany Candles as slow as possible because I looooooooooooove their products. I have not found one scent from them that I haven't been in love with! This weekend, I melted: Hocus Pocus (caramel apple mixed with candy corn, very sweet but very fruity, too), Mulled Cider (a fantastic mix of apples, oranges, and spices, mainly clove and a hint of cinnamon, I think), and I burned my 4oz. jelly jar of Stress Relief some more.

From Bath & Body Works, I burned my 'Tis The Season candle, as well as Snowed In, and Leaves, which is always a great choice.

Yankee Candle also got a little bit of action this weekend: I burned my large tumbler of Midnight Jasmine for a few hours as well.

...I guess this weekend wax review includes Friday, too!

Ollie's Soaps got some love this weekend, too! Josh suggested I try Sinus Relief, since he was having allergy symptoms.

Finally, I melted a couple successful scents from Front Porch, which included Pink Peppermint, a newly discovered favorite of mine. Lavender Marshmallow, however, is my first negative experience with this smelled like sweet bug spray to me! I guess you run that risk being a lavender fan!

Anywho, this is a day late and a dollar short, but have an awesome week! Happy melting!

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