Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: Tiffany Candles' Hocus Pocus

Josh and I LOVE Halloween, and typically, we decorate our house with all sorts of awesomeness. But this year, with all that has been going on in the last two months, Halloween sort of came and went with no extravagance. We got a couple of horror movies got watched, but that's about it. We didn't decorate our house, we didn't get our little pup his Darth Vader costume, we didn't even take our Halloween box out of the closet...

In fact, Halloween just felt like a major bummer this year. The only trick-or-treaters we got at our house were our niece and nephew, which was the highlight of our night. It was so cool to see them all dressed up knocking at our door! There were other kids outside going door-to-door, but they passed us by, and it was depressing. The people in our apartment complex aren't very friendly.
The only other festive thing I did this year, during the day, was melt Tiffany Candles' Hocus Pocus. This scent shot is a sweet mix of caramel apple and candy corn.* Many of the YouTubers have done reviews raving about this scent, so in my very first order from this company, I made it a point to add it to my bag! The lusciousness of this scent really shines through in an unexpected mix of caramel and candy, but the apple fragrance is a bit muddled on cold sniff. Once it started warming, though, you get a powerful, consistent punch of pure, candy-coated heaven. This company, along with Front Porch Candle Co., really have my attention towards their bakery and sweet scents!

I had it going for 6 hours and the scent was so strong that I could not, in good conscience, throw it away. So, I did what any normal person would do and poured it back into the container...and all over the desk....and all over my shirt. OOPS, I guess I was just too excited and clingy to the one thing that made the holiday fabulous this year!

Here's to hoping next year's Halloween won't be a bummer, man!

*sidebar: Lewis Black does a HILARIOUS comedy bit about candy corn, you can view it here:

**Also, Tiffany Candles now has a new blend of wax that DOES NOT NEED TO CURE! YAY!!! So, if you place an order, you can begin melting your goodies ASAP, instead of waiting a few weeks for the items to cure!


Tiffany Candles Hocus Pocus
Cold Rating: 6/10; strong and sweet; interesting note: I almost got a hint of butter on cold sniff!
Lit Rating: 7.5/10; caramel goodness mixed with the timeless classic, candy corn; apple scent a bit muted, but it started to come through once it was melting.
Throw Rating: 7.5/10; traveled all over the house from the bedroom. Also, melted perfectly, and saved just as well, too! We got at least 6 hours of scent from this fragrance.
Overall Rating: 7/10; I wish I had more of this to melt! Josh, who is a fan of sweets, loved this one! Tiffany Candles has been consistent with excellent performance, a powerful throw, scent longevity, and each fragrance I melt from them makes me want to give them all my money. SO GOOD!!! :-)


  1. Great review on Tiffany's Hocus Pocus scent, i loved the smell when i was melting mine. I'm happy it will be an all around yearly scent. Sorry you had a not so good halloween. There was not even one kid outside. Course it was all wet and cold so i dont blame them for not wanting to walk in such a mess.

    1. Tiffany and her husband Gary make such great, unique scents! Hocus Pocus could definitely be melted year round! Were you affected by the hurricane, or was it just wet and cold where you live?


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