Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Ollie's Soaps Peppermint Apple and Lemon Cheesecake

Ayano from Ollie's Soaps has such awesome customer service! If there's a problem, she rights it quickly and efficiently. This online vendor is one of my favorites because their products typically smell wonderful while being affordable,and their Etsy shop is really easy to navigate through...the only problem is picking what you want because there are so many items to choose from! I've been sitting around on my Ollie's Soaps products and thought it was time to get to meltin'!

Lemon Cheesecake was my least favorite of the two I chose to warm today. I don't quite know what it was...but something smelled waaay off. Maybe it was just too much cheesecake, not enough lemon (and there was hardly any lemon scent at all), but to me, it smelled like graham crackers that had been in sour milk sogginess. I know this sounds bad, but it's true, in my opinion. Within an hour, my warmer was off and the wax was out of the house. On cold sniff, it smelled decent, but while warming, it was not pleasant. I hope this does not sully the rest of their products for you because everything besides this scent (in my opinion) has truly been great.*
*I did, however, love the glitter on these little squares so much so that I had to take an extra photo of them melted down completely. It looks like pixie dust, huh!? A little pizzazz on a tart never hurts, people! :)
Next, I chose Peppermint Apple...what the hell? At first glance, these two ingredients DO NOT sound like they would go well together, but I'm here to tell you this simply isn't true. These two scents, when paired together in this tart, are pure perfection. The air feels misty from the lung-clearing peppermint, and fresh with a red, delicious apple scent right next to it; it's almost spa-like.

I have it melting right now and it is still giving off a strong scent throw after 5 hours. I cannot wait to order more of this scent. In masses, perhaps. It's nearly perfect...who would have thought I'd like something apple-y without a trace of cinnamon or spice?! Scents like this, unique combinations, funky names, cool colors, keep me coming back to the wax world for more. Each vendor has something different and exciting to offer, and for Ollie's Soaps, I hope they fight for this fragrance and keep it around.

Ollie's Soaps Lemon Cheesecake
Cold Rating: 4/10; smells like cheesecake, but I didn't get very much lemon.
Lit Rating: 2/10; the cheesecake smelled alright at first, but it went sour (literally) really quickly. Like I said, it was not pleasant. I had to turn off my warmer and pour out the wax.
Throw Rating: 3/10; it had a less than average scent throw.
Overall Rating: 3/10; the throw of a bad tart is almost as bad as no scent at all. Sorry, Ayano, don't hate me. :(

Ollie's Soaps Peppermint Apple
Cold Rating: 7/10; strong peppermint and apple combined, one doesn't necessarily dominate the other.
Lit Rating: 9/10; I love when I am proven wrong about a scent combination...this is a refreshing, bright fragrance that filled not just our bedroom, but the entire house with its intoxicating aroma.
Throw Rating: 8.5/10, fantastic throw.
Overall Rating: 8/10, nearly perfect. Ridiculously amazed by this scent combination and love every minute of it!


  1. Thanks for the review and don't worry, I don't hate you!! I appreciate every bit of honesty from my customers. I'm going to continue to search for the best wax blend and the best scent combos. Keep up the great work Lauren!! And don't ever be afraid to post an honest review. Ayano (Ollie's Soaps)

    1. Thanks for understanding! I try to be as fair as I can. I can't wait to do a review on your Pink Loops...oh my god, it's seriously fabulous! Keep up the good work with your wax endeavors! :)


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