Friday, November 30, 2012

Review: Tiffany Candles' Lavender Vanilla


Little, tiny hearts scented like pure bliss.

It's starting to sound like Tiffany Candles* is paying me boatloads of money to talk up their business, right? No folks, they aren't...they really are just that good.

Lavender Vanilla is a creamy, relaxing, yet fragrant blend of these two scents, and does a perfect job of melding them together. On cold sniff, you first get an overpowering but amazing herbal scent that quickly transforms into a smooth, luscious blend of vanilla and soothing lavender. It's great for relaxation, to have melting in the background, or just because  The picture above includes tarts in their old wax blend, and if you can believe it, their new wax blend is even stronger!

This company is stellar. It's freaking ridiculous. They take their time to perfect their craft and don't release new products (in this case, an entirely new blend of wax [now paraffin]) until they have been tested and perfected. If you have any doubt about buying from this company, don't. Sure, I haven't tried everything they have to offer, but everything I have purchased and melted so far has given at least decent...nothing has been under-scented or had poor performance. Their products made me want to keep coming back for more, and Tiffany and Gary's customer service has made a lifetime customer out of me!

*JUST A NOTE: Tiffany Candles is closing the wax portion of their shop tomorrow, December 1st, until the new year. You CAN STILL purchase non-wax products, though! So, get those final orders in, if you're interested!

Tiffany Candles' Lavender Vanilla
Cold Rating: 10/10; perfect mix of potent lavender, creamy vanilla, and sheer amazingness.
Lit Rating: 9/10; absolutely fabulous! I really don't know how Tiffany Candles manages to produce so many amazing scents with consistently excellent performance and throw. It's like they are magic tarts!!
Throw Rating: 10/10; strong, but not overbearing, plus it is a great sleeping fragrance! Dare I say, sexy??? ;)
Overall Rating: 10/10; like I said before, they have done it again! Fabulous scent, cute shape, astounding performance (these two particular tarts pictured lasted 2 days), I could go on and on...


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