Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Wax Review: November 17-18

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, folks! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

We're in charge of the turkey this year. Problems?
...neither of us have ever made a turkey.
...our oven is awful.
...I have an aversion to touching poultry.

IT WILL BE FINE. I keep telling myself that we are adults, we can handle this...
...and then I think of giblets. *shiver*
So, mom, if you're reading this, sorry in advance for potentially poisoning your guests. KIDDING!! (heh??? HEH???)
We melted a pretty good amount of wax this weekend. Josh works all day on Saturday and Sunday, so I kept it simple while he was gone and tried to melt things I didn't think he would like. I melted Kim's Tarts' Christmas Wish (review coming soon) and Fruit Loops. Fruit Loops from Kim's Tarts was pretty good, but not the best Fruit Loops scent I've tried. It lasted a good 6 hours during the day, though, which was awesome. I'd say overall a 6/10. Kim's has been really hit or miss, but this one was decent!
Also, I wandered back into the world of Scentsy with Pumpkin Marshmallow, which is a bar I won from a Happy Fall Y'all giveaway online! This scent was pretty good, but not great; we had this going in the plug-in Scentsy warmerabove, also something I won in the giveaway, but it filled up the back section of our condo pretty fast. It really did smell like marshmallows, but it had a hefty amount of artificial sweetness. Overall, I'd say this was a 5/10; would have liked to smell a bit more spicy, or even some was very muted. Just because something is strong doesn't necessarily mean it's a good scent. Also, who says pumpkins have to go away after Halloween?! I love this plug-in warmer!
Last night we warmed Tinsel from My Candle Box, a vendor featured in the November Simply Sensational box. This fragrance was fabulous! It smelled like pink sugar combined with strawberries and a hint of peppermint. I warmed it before we went to bed and left it on until the middle of the night. This morning, it was still going strong. Gotta give it up to vendors who have perfected the art of longevity in their wax, right? Great nighttime fragrance! Unfortunately, I'd give it a 4/10 on cold sniff (we could hardly smell anything in the plastic baggie), 7/10 while warming, 7/10 for the throw, which means a 6/10 overall.
Right now, I have Pumpkins and Pralines from CFTKR, of Candles From The Keeping Room*, melting in the bedroom. This is another fabulous sweet smell true to its name. It smells like freshly toasted and sugar-coated pralines on top of a pumpkin pie. Crusty, buttery, creamy, sugary...ohhhh so so so so good. Heavy on the sweet pralines, with subtle pumpkin aroma. 6.5/10 on cold sniff, 6/10 while melting, 7/10 for throw, 6.5/10 overall. Decadent, but can get very sweet and one-note pretty fast (again, this is just my opinion). Try it out, though, it's a good one!

*Another note about CFTKR: Carol, the owner, is so super sweet, and really fast with her shipping. She communicates with customers on her Facebook page nearly every single day with updates about not just her shop, but her life as well. She puts so much time and effort into her wax that I would DEFINITELY purchase from her again even though her shipping costs can be high. In an effort to make up for these costs, though, she adds a ton of samples in every order. I got 9, yes, 9 SAMPLES, ranging in size and shape! How cool is that?! Her scents are unique, her shapes are really cute, and her quality is great! What more could you ask for? Her shop is closed right now, but she will be re-opening after Thanksgiving!

**Another note about this: Being the genius that I am, I decided to include photos in my Weekend Wax Reviews from now on. It's too time consuming to review everything I've EVER melted, so I'll do in-depth, longer reviews on the fragrances/vendors I either loved/hated/found so-so, and then add extra pictures and smaller reviews on the weekend! Like I said, GENIUS!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, y'all!

PS: I just noticed all of the above scents hovered around a 6/10. This is not on purpose, it's just a coincidence I noticed from my notes.

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