Saturday, December 1, 2012

Project Wax Round 1, update #2

*Any items substituted will be noted as such and replaced with something different*

*Project Wax #1* (start date: November 13, 2012)

Kim's Tarts
-Christmas Wish (3 pack)
-Fruit Loops (3 pack)
-Farmhouse Cider (3 pack)
-Trick of Treat (3 pack)
-Chestnuts and Brown Sugar sample
-Leaves sample
-Praline Pound Cake sample
-White Christmas (3 pack)
-Christmas Splendor (3 pack)
-Christmas Eve (3 pack)

Ollie's Soaps
-Pumpkin Souffle sample (2 pumpkins)
-Lemon Cheesecake sample
-Grapefruit Melon sample
-Peppermint Apple sample scalloped tart
-Pink Peppermint scalloped tart
-Zucchini Bread Noel scalloped tart
-Brandied Pear scalloped tart

Front Porch
-Buttercream and Coconut
-Amish Friendship Bread
-Lime Cookies
-Lavender Sugar Cookie Dough Bread
-Pumpkin Eggnog
-Purple and Pink Wine
-Lavender Marshmallow
-Lavender Love Dare 

-Pumpkin Marshmallow bar (7 cubes)
-Autumn Sunset bar (6 cubes)

Candles From The Keeping Room
-Pumpkin and Pralines
-Pink Sugared Waffers* (repurchase, favorite, amazing, etc)
-Christmas Pudding sample
-Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll sample (replaced with Coffee Cake & Spice because I am giving this one away for Christmas!)
-Coffee Cake & Spice

Streetman Candle Company
-Pumpkin Sugar Cookie
-Strawberry Sugar

Rincon Scents
-Mango Cooler

Dutch Candle Company
-Autumn Forest

Yankee Candle
-Be Thankful
-Apple Pumpkin
-Autumn Leaves
-Christmas at the Beach
-Balsam and Cedar
-North Pole
-Red Berry & Cedar

Pics, Petals & Scents
-Cozy Fall Nights 

JMae's Candles and Soaps
-Lemon Poppyseed
-Pineapple Orchid

My Candle Box
-Tinsel Me Pink itty bitty soy drops

The Bathing Garden
-2 cubes of Sleigh Ride
-4 cubes of Jack Frost  --> -2 cubes of Jack Frost
-4 cubes of Snowed In
-6 cubes of Vintage Christmas (full clam shell)

Ava's Country Cupboard
-Christmas Splendor sample
-Pleasant Christmas sample
-Cinnamon Cheesecake sample (added in place of a tart I gave away)

Tiffany Candles
-Paradise scent shot
-Fruity Loops scent shot
-Coconut & Pineapple scalloped tart

Granny's Kountry Candles
-Tank Tops & Flip Flops scent shot
-Home Sweet Home scent shot
-Peppermint Bark simmering melts*

Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles
-Christmas Trees & Santa's Cookies*
Red is week 1
Blue is week 2
Green is week 3
Purple is week 4
 Not sure what Project Wax is all about? CLICK HERE to find out!

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