Friday, July 24, 2015

Haul: Bath & Body Works Collective June and July Hauls!

I got a gift card to Bath & Body Works from my grandma for my birthday in May and I finally got around to using it all up. Let me show you what I grabbed during their semi-annual sale, and a few things in July, too!
I snagged one of these little 1.3 oz candles in Oahu Coconut Sunset because I was trying to finish up the gift card and it was relatively cheap. It smells awesome! If this doesn't throw well, I will remove it and put it in one of my wax warmers.
Vanilla Bean Marshmallow has been highly acclaimed in the wax/bath and body community, so I knew when this was about $5, I wanted to grab one! A single wick mason jarish candle, this smells ooey and gooey and sweet. I am saving this until fall.
These fragrance mists were returning popular fragrances from waaaay back when. Cucumber Melon was my favorite scent growing up because I am a crazy old person, but I had never tried the other 3 scents, so I grabbed them all. Plumeria is a nice, light floral scent, and Pearberry is a light fruity scent, but I don't like Juniper Breeze. I wonder if anyone else wants this, I think it's too late to take it back.
Bath & Body Works' Scentportables are my go-to car-scenting products, so I snagged an Island Margarita. Powerful and limey, I need to switch the one in my car to this one because the one I have in there is gross.
Hawaiian Hibiscus is a scent I had no prior knowledge of when purchasing it, it just had good ratings on the B&BW website. It's a winner! Very floral, but slightly tropical, a bit smooth and just like Hawaii. This is probably what Hawaii smells like. Sunnee, will you confirm? :)
Ocean Side used to be a true, realistic ocean spray scent. It doesn't smell like that anymore, it smells like a douchebag's cologne. Sorry to be so blunt, but YUCK. YOU know the smell. Come on, you know it. Well, that's what this smells like. I am determined to change my mind about this. It smells more like cologney fake sea smell. Bleh.
Caribbean Escape I haven't used yet, but may get to eventually. I may want to save this one in case I need a quickie Christmas gift or something!
Tiki Beach, a couple of years ago, was such an amaaaaazing candle. It threw ridiculously, pooled out like a champ, and had wicks that burned and burned and burned. Wow. I was excited to smell just how strong this was, even in air spray form. Coconut and suntan lotion mix together for a true beachy experience. I have this in our spare bathroom and spray it in the hallways every once in a while.
We have Island Margarita in our back bedroom / bathroom right now. It smells so good! I will keep my eye out for this one. It might be small, but it packs a punch! It does smell like a fresh margarita and squeezed lime with a bit of tropical undertones. Nice!
A comparison between the large and small room fragrances.
My second haul was from July. I got a tip from @TheBronzeBlogger (aka Real Talk about Bath and Body Works Candles) that the candle Amsterdam (Tulips & Windmills) is a dupe for my beloved, much missed, highly sought after Flower Shop, aka my favorite candle from Bath & Body Works before London Calling came about. WELL, IT IS A DUPE!!!! OMG. You cannot imagine how happy I was to get this and compare them! I have a 4 ounce Flower Shop left for this purpose exactly, and it. is. a. dupe. UGH I AM SO HAPPY I AM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION. I bought 2 of these. Well, Josh bought 2 of these for me. :)
There's my collective haul from B&BW! Have you bought anything from them lately? Looking forward to fall scents (SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)??


  1. Cool that Amsterdam is a dupe, but I hate that they do that, rename and repackage scents. Well, I guess if a scent isn't selling much I can see trying to reinvent it in a more appealing way to try again. There should be fine print on the bottom, 'Formerly known as......'

    The parrots on the room spray containers are cute.

    Yes, looking forward to fall! Summer is just too boring for me scent-wise.


    1. It really sucks that they feel the need to repackage every. single. thing. they. can. It is not fair to the customers, IMO. The 'formerly known as' thing would be excellent, but I fear they won't put the money out for the extra lettering, LOL! If only...

  2. Nice hauls! I love Island Margarita too. I had it in a pocket bac and would huff my hands every time I used it.

    Score on the Flower Shop dupe! Hip Hip Hooooray!!

    1. You can't believe how stoked I was to see a Flower Shop dupe! J, if you're even in the slightest into florals, you gotta try it!!!


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