Saturday, July 4, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #83: Rosegirls' Koopa Troopa Assault


Remember Mario? Rosegirls came up with an entire line or Mario Brothers-esque scents and they are really funky and fun!! A+ for names and scent pairings, RG! :)
Koopa Troopa Assault - raspberry sauce, pomegranate & sweet lemon confection chunks with marshmallow smoothie overpour
Rosegirls' Koopa Troopa Assault
Cold Rating7/10
Lit Rating: 7.5/10
Throw Rating7/10
Overall Rating7/10; fruit explosion! The raspberry sauce is definitely the standout note, followed by lemon and something else that smells strange to my nose. It's probably the pomegranate, and it wasn't just one chunk. I know it's just me because I let someone else have a chunk and they LOVED it. Melted a whole bag in about 2 weeks. Lovely color combination, invoking the Mario/koopa spirit, don't you think? Chunks lasted between 4-8 hours each, always melted it in the bathroom of living room. Love their marshmallow smoothie scent. Love their SLC scent (one of the best lemons in wax). Clever, creative. Mediumish throw. Scents different to different people! Hoarding tendencies? Melting slowly through my bagged RG stash.

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  1. what a fun mix!! I almost ordered this one last opening, but decided on Petey Coloda. (anxiously awaiting its arrival! my little is Mario obsessed! ) Have you tried any of the other Mario blends?


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