Thursday, July 9, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: June 2015 Vellabox Review!

I am a bit late with my June Vellabox subscription box, but I have a good reason!!!!
The box, as always. Love the yellow, still!
The cool branding which keeps me coming back.
The signature card, which I have yet to pass on (BAD LOLO, BAD!!!). Still, another great touch.
The candles are always wrapped in some sort of fabric, and this month, it matches the box! Yellow fabric! Yay!
Simple Goods...isn't that a store?? No, that's Home Goods, dopeus. Simple Goods Supply sent a Lemongrass Sage scents tin candle this month for VellaBox! Lemongrass isn't my favorite scent, but I love me a good sage blend.
A closer look at the label.
The bottom of the candle. I always like to see when vendors differ from their instructions. Most are the same, but sometimes, they are different, so why not photograph it?!
One, sturdy wick in the center.

I waited so long to write this review because I wanted to give it a fair shot when it came to burning it thoroughly. I have now melted this candle almost completely down to the bottom with uneven results. The first time I burned it, it smelled fantastic. It had a solid throw, all the way to the back hallway in our house, and it melted through to the sides of the candle in several hours (I didn't check on it for about 3 hours, but it was pooled out by then, so any time between 1-3 hours). The second time I burned it, I burned it with another candle in a separate part of the house, the kitchen versus our bedroom. This time, I could barely smell it and it was easily overtaken by the other bedroom candle (a lemon and tea one). The second day, I burned it for 4 hours. The third day, I melted it by itself in the kitchen again for 2.5 hours and the throw was about half what it was the first day. Bummed, but not wanting to get discouraged, I burned it a fourth day in our bedroom and the scent had the same, low-medium throw and only general wisps of it as the third day. Since then, I have lit it from time to time, but the tunneling has been so bad since the first day, it almost never pools to the sides anymore.

I have had candles perform like this before, but not for a while. So, bottom line, mixed results. I would be interested in placing a small order from this company for another scent to see how it compares. By the way, the only window opened at the time was the bathroom window, which wouldn't impact its performance because the bathroom door is kept shut. Overall, I'd give this about a 6/10. The smell was just lovely, and though it wasn't the best candle ever in terms of performance, I still liked it enough to try the company again because I'm a optimist!!
Have you tried Vellabox? Have you heard of this vendor??


  1. That kinda stinks! To have such great results the first burn but then not. Did the lemongrass smell good with the sage? It sounds like a nice clean scent.

  2. I haven't heard of Vellabox, but what a great idea!
    I hate candles that start great, then get "blah" but I love that you gave it the fair shot! The scent sounds good at least!!!

    1. I haven't had a candle perform like this in quite a while! It was strange, but I was determined to give it a fair, fighting chance. Vellabox has been good to me (mostly) so far! :)


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