Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #82: Vintage Chic Scents' Mr. Sandman

HAPPY JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, already!?!

I have very little tolerance for anything but mint scents at night now. I have conditioned myself to them, apparently. I am like a cat who doesn't want to be touched. "Blue raspberry? 10pm? BOOHISS!!!!!!!"
Mr. Sandman is sure to bless you with sweet dreams when you melt this scent, a combination of rosemary mint, peppermint, eucalyptus and spearmint.
Vintage Chic Scents' Mr. Sandman
Cold Rating9/10
Lit Rating: 9/10
Throw Rating9/10
Overall Rating: 9/10; sweet dreams indeed! Minty extravaganza! Peppermint, rosemary mint, eucalyptus, what could be better?? SUUUUUPER strong! Each ingredient evenly added into this blend, nothing really overpowers the other thing. Herbal rosemary mint, cool peppermint, pungent eucalyptus, borders on fresh because of the rosemary/eucalyptus combo. Still there when I woke up, lasted over 13 hours in the bedroom, 10 hours in the bathroom. Smells like a lovely garden...or something. These snowflake/leaf scents are HUMONGOUS, need to be cut up into many pieces (at least 2), but cutting wax, again, is the devil. Pretty colors. Unique names. Nighttime. Are we into naps as adults? I don't know the etiquette.


  1. I'm the opposite apparently. I get sick of scents too fast. I think I've lost how to slow down and enjoy scents because there are "so many scents, so little time!" I used to remelt things or stick with favored scents for a while, but now it's like I melt through it once and have to move on to something else.

    I also tend to keep mints for winter. I love mint scents, but my menfolk don't.


    1. It's only mints I don't get sick of. It's nice to stop melting something for a while, and then pick it back up again and be like, "oh yeah, THIS ROCKS!!"

  2. Naps are always in baby. I am with you. Mints are so relaxing and slumber inducing. Keeping my peepers out for this one.


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