Monday, July 13, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: June 2015 Love With Food Review!

Hey, hey! I'm back with my review of June's Love With Food box. Let's get right into it, shall we??
First opening!
The pamphlet with its contents! The theme this month was Saturday in the Park!
SunRype sent a 100% fruit strip in this box and boy, was it good! I am a big fan of fruit leather and fruit strips because I am a 6 years old, damn it. The flavor was of a strong strawberry, but also some apple, too. Really lovely, inspired us to go buy some more fruit leathery concoctions, etc. 4.5/5
PopChips always taste sort of stale to me, but I think that's because of the way they are cooked. Well, these CRAZY HOT PopChips were just that, HOT! Like anything Flamin' Hot, they turn your fingers red, but it comes wit the territory. These were spicy, delicious and crunchy, but still, that stale thing prevails. If I tell myself I am eating something healthier, though, I forget about it. :P 4/5.
The Sheffa Everything Savory Bar was AMAZING. If you like everything bagels, you HAVE to try this. MAN!! I wish I had another one right now!! Seedy, oniony, garlicky, this has got to be one of the tastiest products from the Love with Food boxes I have had yet!! SO SO GOOD. I want to buy more ASAP!! 5/5.
Bali's Best Tea Candies really do taste like tea! Slightly sweet, very strong, a tiny little bit of floral to them, crazy how accurate these taste. I can't see myself buying these or eating them all the time, but they are good! 4/5.
Kutoa sent a chocolate banana bar and while it was a gross combo of flavors to me personally, I liked the hearty grains/seeds included, as well as their message/charity type of thing where if you buy a bar, they buy one for a child in need. I would love to try another flavor combination next time! 3/5.
Emily's trail mix was good, but a bit boring. The apple pieces were a nice variation to typical trail mix. Chocolate should have been included because it needed a little more something...cinnamon maybe? Only chocolate? Not sure, but still. quite tasty! 3.5/5.
I LOVED the Brownie Brittle from Sheila G! It was flavorful, just sweet enough, crunchy, and though broken into smaller pieces in transit, we wanted MORE. Very, very, very good!! 4.5/5.
La Panzanella sent along these Croccantini crackers in the rosemary flavor. While they might seem boring, I liked them a lot!! The rosemary is very strong, the crackers are crisp, there's no salt, but I didn't miss it. Great, would be good with cheese! 4/5.
Overall, this was a great box! Lots of new products I will keep my eye out for in the stores, and only one or two sort of missteps. Awesome, and I'm not sick of this box at all. Looking forward to July's!

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