Friday, July 3, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: June 2015 Treatsie Box Review!

After one disastrous item in May's Treatsie box, I serious almost cancelled the service. It was that bad. I decided to give it another go. Let's jump into the June box!
The box, of course.
Card with the box's contents! Very cute this time around.
The Art of Caramel sent 2 different types of popcorn: bananas foster with dark rum, and vanilla bean cocoa nib. They were just okay. I am not a huge popcorn fan, but if I had to pick, the vanilla was a bit better. 3/5 for both. Not get, not bad.
Moravian Cookies in the Meyer Lemon variety were excellent! Thin, crispy cookies awesome lemon flavor, bright and zesty, crumbly, delectable. 4.5/5.
Nutwhats is a hilarious name and I love the label for some reason. Their Almond Nutwhat brittle tasted like the inside of an Almond Roca. Quite delicious, and not super hard. Loved this. 5/5.
Nutwhats also sent their Peanut Butter Crunch type of brittle, which was just as good and even a bit of a more soft crunchiness than the almond. Sweet, peanutty goodness. 5/5.
Overall, this month's box had quite a bit of good and one meh product. Not nearly as bad as the feet brownies from last month, and good enough to make me want to stick with it one or two more months.


  1. I love popcorn but I'm not adventurous enough to try some of the really crazy flavors I've seen out there. The two you have sound interesting. There is a candy store near me that has a kind of popcorn that I *LOOOOOVE" called Brown Bear Crunch.'s like candy. It reminds me of homemade Puppy Chow.

    Now I want some.


    1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, brown bear crunch sounds like something delicious and caramelly. What's the candy store called? If I had any of this left, I would send you some!!

    2. Brown Bear Crunch = 'Caramel corn covered in milk chocolate mixed with deluxe mixed nuts and drizzled with white chocolate.'

      The shop is called End of the Trail Candy Shoppe ( and is about 10 minutes away from us. We don't go there very often, which keeps it special. lol


  2. I love the candied popcorns. And brittle. What a great box this time around! Nutwhats is hilarious! What a fun name! Way to go Treatsie!


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