Friday, July 31, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: July 2015's Love With Food Review!

Love With Food is an excellent food-based subscription service I have been part of for a few months now. Here's my review for the July Tasting box, which was called Surfin' USA!
The iconic red box!
What greeted me as I opened the box.
One thing that stands out about Love With Food is its tasting booklet. Different pictures grace the cover each month with detailed descriptions of each item. Love this!
The inside and back of the booklet, if you want a better look at each item!
This lemon almond biscotti from Biscotti di Suzy was good and wasn't as hard as other biscottis I have had in the past. Maybe that's why I like it, because it didn't crumble my teeth. The lemon flavor mixed well with the almond flavor, and the crunch was still there, just less than usual. I really liked this. It was more of a cookie than a biscotti, but still, tasty! 4/5.
Bear Naked sent along a coconut almond curry granola and nope. Nope nope NOPE. This was gross as hell. In addition to tasting like Indian food, the coconut was more salty than salty sweet, and it was all so stale. YUCK. I did not like this, and the curry isn't the problem because I love curry. It's the combination of ingredients. Blech!!!!! 0/5.
The Hawaiian BBQ kettle chips from One Potato, Two Potato are a product from another subscription box I received about a year ago. We really loved these a lot. Very tasty, great BBQ flavor, slightly sweet, a little bit smokey, a great treat to go along with a meal or to enjoy as a snack. Crispy, crunchy goodness. Yum! 5/5.
I will be the first to admit I have purchased apple sauce in one of these convenient squeezable packages in the past because they are great for on-the-go snacking and lunches. I am a grown adult woman. When I saw the Kalefornia Grape squeezable fruit snack packet from Fruigees, I was excited to try it and immediately repulsed the second it touched my tongue. GROSS. I don't know how people have kale in anything other than soup. UGH. Mixed with that unmistakable grape flavor....vomitous. Simply vomitous. Our kitchen sink recently got backed up to the point where we couldn't fix it on our own and we had to call a plumber after having still water sitting in it for a day........this smelled, tasted, and looked exactly like that. 0/5.
I am a HUGE fan of roasted coconut chips, so I knew these ones by Bare Snacks could be excellent, and they were. The perfect balance of sweetness and richness, crispy and delicious. These are a true delight and you should get some immediately. 5/5.
The Honey Stinger kids' organic chews in sour citrus tasted awesome, but had a texture like a gumdrop as opposed to a fruit snack. The flavor was good and these were fun to eat. We got a lot of the same flavor in our package, which was okay. I am interested in trying their adult products, too. I think kids would love these and it'd get them to eat organic snacks. 4/5.
We went through a phase where we loved packets of stuff added to water. It was an easy substitution when trying to cut out coffee and soda. We have since lapse on this, but I was stoked to see these new True Citrus flavor packets, mostly because they simply contain crystallized fruit, nothing else. No chemicals, not nothing. These were AWESOME. I love lemon and lime in my water, but with these little packets, which you can add water and tea and contain vitamin C and 0 calories, it perked up my drinks to the point where I stopped getting bored of just plain water. We will be buying these immediately. My favorite was the lemon, no surprise there if you know me and my love for all things lemon all the time. (I have yet to try the grapefruit one simply because I don't like grapefruit, but I will eventually get around to it.) 5/5.
This Glee Gum lollipop is the world's first and only natural lollipop, according to their website. It was a bit soft and gummy, but the flavor was there and was fine. I think I am just too used to old school lollipops and wanted something a bit more....adventurous? when it came to this natural lolli. Still, not bad! 3.5/5.
While there really were some excellent, top notch products this month, the bad products almost scarred the entire month's experience. Between that horrible foot-kale-packet-of-poop-sewer-goo to the curry granola, I had a mixed experience by default. I am still loving this service, but yikes, those two items were BAD.

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  1. I'm really interested in the True Lemon (etc.) packets. I keep seeing them pop up in Dollar Tree hauls and keep meaning to buy some but always forget. And now to see all those other flavors...? I'm adding this stuff to my grocery list for this weekend.



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