Friday, July 12, 2013

Haul: Another Bath & Body Works Haul, I couldn't stay away from the cheap prices of the Semi-Annual Sale!
Josh bought me a super cute cheetah print/bright pink ScentPortable thing for Christmas and I put it in my car. Well, about 2 months ago I ran out of the fragrance refills for it and haven't bought any since Christmas! They were having a sale, buy 3 get 1 free, which isn't great, but I needed some anyways, so one for free is fine! Here we have lavender vanilla, fresh cotton, clean mist (which smells AMAZING, I got this one right after Christmas), and Caribbean Escape (in my car now). It's a nice summertime smell!
Next, we have PocketBacs! 5 for $5 is a great deal, and I promised Josh I'd buy him one for men so he stopped smelling like he was wearing perfume. Most of these are new, I think. Ocean For Men is the one not pictured and in the car for Josh. Pink Berry Citrus is in the spare bathroom, Ocean Pearl is on my nightstand, Citrus Orchid Chill is in the bathroom, and Coconut Water Chill is in the office. All of these scents are really nice, super summery, and you can never have enough hand sanitizer.
When we lived at our condo, I would go to the B&BW right up the street every single time candles were on sale and would always talk to the gals who worked there. Well, turns out one of the ladies (actually, the one I liked the most!) now works at the store closest to our new place! YAY! She talked me into buying this smells so good, I don't know how it slipped past me for so long. It's very fruity, and again, another summertime scent. Could you tell what I was looking for? LOL.
Turns out, the two soap holders I bought from my last Bath & Body Works haul didn't fit the pumpy foam soaps...ARGH! One of them will be going to a good home for Christmas. I saw these and liked them so much, I got two to match. Woohoo! Love the design on them.
Well, I put one of the skinny, non-foaming hand soap holders in the spare bathroom, and needed some soaps to go along with it! I bought these two soaps (since I knew from buying the PocketBacs that I loved Island Bamboo and just took a wild guess with Beach Flower) and actually like them equally if not better than the foam soap. I KNOW, I KNOW, I have judged many a public place for not having foaming soap...OH WELL, these smell awesome and now we're used to them.

Anyways, it's safe to say that since I'm doing Project Wax I won't be buying stuff at Bath & Body Works any time soon. But, those fall candles are out online already AND I AM REALLY EXCITED AND CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY JOY FOR FALL AND WINTER. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

My fall candle wishlist (courtesy of Cia @ See It, Love It, Buy It!):
  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (of course, love this scent)
  • Marshmallow Fireside (my favorite scent in B&BW history)
  • Applewood Bonfire (this is a new scent for the year and it sounds like it's a real winner)
  • Leave (as you have probably guessed from reading past entries in this bloggy blog, I'm mildy obsessed with Leaves)
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (I. Want. To. Eat. The. Photo.)
  • Pumpkin Cupcake (will be a new scent for me even though it's an old favorite
  • Blackberry Spice (this one sounds long as the blackberry isn't perfumey!)
  • Pumpkin Apples (if it's anything like the Front Porch scent, then YES, YES, YES!!!)
  • Test scents: Pumpkin Carrot Cake, Creamy Pumpkin, Coconut Woods, Sage & Cedar, Pumpkin Woods, and Vanilla Vetiver
Anywhoozle, I might post again today, or might not, so if not, have a great weekend! :)


  1. Shhhhh! Do not speak of fall ... yet. SHHHHH!!!

    Although you are really making me want to go to B&BW now, just cuz I haven't been there in at least a year. Enabler!!!


    1. SORRY!!! You need to go before all the spring/summer stuff is gone!

  2. This is the first sas I have sat out in a while, so I am living vicariously through you! Nice items! My mil got me an island bamboo hand soap and I enjoy it too. Leaves is great! I got the Tiffany scoopable waiting for fall in that scent. The waffles and pumpkin is perking my ears up too.

    1. Thanks! I thought about sitting it out, too, but there were some soaps I really enjoyed and wanted to get before they were gone. Island Bamboo is really nice!

      Let me know how Tiffany's Leaves is for you when you get around to melting it! I love her scoopable's awesome! :)

  3. I LOVE the pocketbacs you got!! I haven't been to BBW since the first day of the SAS and was so disappointed!! BUT I will be going back!! I need some new pocketbacs and they have so many new scents in anti-bacs that sound AMAZING!! I'm looking at Pink Berry Citrus and Citrus Orchid Chill!! They sound LOVELY! Going to be getting some!! <3 Thanks!! <3

    1. Ocean Pearl and Citrus Orchid Chill are my favorite PocketBacs from this round, and Pink Berry Citrus is super fruity and wonderful! They have TONS of new scents, too! :)


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