Thursday, July 11, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: ScentMyWay's YouTube Giveaway!

Do you like wax? I'm assuming you do since you're here.
And if you're here, chances are you've seen a YouTube video or two about hauls or reviews of wax and candles.
And if you've seen a video or two about wax and candles, chances are you are familiar with ScentMyWay.
Let me just say, ScentMyWay's (AKA Keren's) videos are some of my favorites on YouTube. She gives her honest reviews on wax and candles, the good and the bad. Her honesty is what keeps me coming back!

Anywho, she had two giveaways a few weeks ago, and I won one of them! I was thrilled considering I've been a huge fan for a long time. So thank you to Keren for offering such a generous giveaway! Here's what I got!
This is a 4 oz. sugar scrub from The Bathing Garden in Strawberry PassionRaspberry Split. It smells soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! It's more raspberry than strawberry, but it's absolutely amazing altogether! How generous of her to include this...WOW! I have been loving TBG's sugar scrubs lately!
  • Can-Do-Candles Malted Milk: I'm not a huge fan of milk scents, and this is no exception. I don't really like this. Something about milk scents smell sour to me.
  • Orchid Lake Candles Got Milk: Same with this one...meh. Milk is weird in wax.
  • The Scented Princess' Cinnamon Doughnuts Candy Corn Peeps: super sweet with a hint of cinnamon! Yum!
  • The Scented Princess' Wildberry Scone Country Berry Hotcakes Cheesecake: the cheesecake gets lost in this, but you get a super berry and bakery mix that smells like breakfast.
  • Candles By Victoria's Stress Relief candle: this smells very nice! It will be a good scent to melt during the end of summer, I think. I have yet to burn my CBV candle, so I think this will have to go first since my other one is a fall scent.
  • Front Porch's Orange Dreamsicle: a 4-pack of this scent that I've never's amazing! Super orangey, smells exactly like a 50/50 bar. Delicious!
  • Front Porch's Berry Berry Buttercream: bright berries mixed with creamy buttercream. I think I've tried one or two buttercream scents from FP, but I've looked forward to melting this since I got the package. Mmmmm.
  • Front Porch's Lavender Sun Tan: finally, a lavender scent I don't mind! This is way more sun tan than lavender...GREAT summer scent!
  • Front Porch's Citrus Farts: ...okay, I'm secretly a 10-year old child and laughed when I saw this. LOL! Smells awesome, but not sure where the farts are? *snicker*
  • Front Porch's Lavender Sugar: another nice lavender scent, I could see how this could go south while warming, though. FP's lavender scent strength is often masked on cold sniff, so we'll see how it goes. :)
  • Lasting Scent Candles Blackberry Plum Tea: another winning tea scent from, their tea scents are amazing. Love this, and I love their blackberry because it's not too perfumey!
  • Sniff My Tarts Blueberry Keylime Pie: hints of blueberry wrapped in a zesty, limey pie! Very, very, very limey, to say the least, and I LOVE this!
  • Lasting Scent Candles Russian Rainbow Tea: an avalanche of fruit mixed with tea! Yummy!
  • Sweet Fixations Wildberry Mousse: one of my favorite scents. Perfection! Not to be confused with moose (boy, I crack myself up...guess I'm the only one, LOL!)
  • Sniff My Tarts Bay Leaf & Pepper: this is surprisingly fantastic! These are two unique scents I have never smelled before in wax and I LOVE them! It's going in the warmer soon! Rich.
  • Sweet Fixations Melonade: Josh loved this one, a very summery drink. Makes me thirsty just thinking about it!
  • The Scented Princess' Country Bumpkin: not sure what's in this, but I dig it. Bakery with a touch of creaminess, maybe a veeeery slight undertone of spice?
  • The Scented Princess' Peace of Mind: smells fruity/perfumey, maybe a dupe? Not sure. Will be nice on a hot day.
  • The Scented Princess' Raspberries N Cream: not super creamy, but nice! The raspberry is a bit floral in this blend.
  • Front Porch's Caramel Pecan Banana Pudding: O.M.G. Brilliant blend! I'm going to try and hold off until fall to melt this. So luscious!
  • Sniff My Tarts Lemonaid: another perfect summer scent! Lemony and sweet.
  • The Scented Princess' Rosemary Mint Frostbite Very Vanilla: will be an awesome bedtime scent...this rosemary mint borders on herbal and sweet, in my opinion, but it might just be because of the vanilla!
  • Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy's Praline French Toast: soooooo delicious smelling! Pralines and french toast? Uhhh, heck yeah!
  • Candles By Victoria's Tuscan Herbs: very herbacious!
  • Candles By Victoria's Cake Bake: almondy cake meets some sort of frosting note? Delish!
See...the thing is...when I get packages, before I take pictures of them and then distribute them to their proper vendor, my point is, there might be other things from this giveaway I missed (EMBARRASSING, I KNOW), but yeah...THANK YOU again, Keren, this was an amazing box of stuff! :)


  1. If that Country Bumpkin is the same as *the* Country Bumpkin that was popular a couple years ago, it is: 'A wonderful complex blend of apples, candied yams, marshmallows, sweet cream butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, crushed cinnamon bark and fresh cloves.' It's one of my favorite fall scents.

    Awesome prize! ScentMyWay is the best.


    1. That smells just like it! Thanks for tracking down the description! :)

  2. What a great giveaway! I'm gonna go check out a few of her videos now.... :)


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