Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Ollie's Soaps Strawberry Passion Lemon Curd

Summertime means strawberry time. And nothing says summer like strawberry lemonade. *Homer Simpson drool*
Look at those cute little flower tarts!
In my experience, if wax is called "lemon curd," chances are it will be much more tart and usually stronger. Which I love. 
And this is definitely the case with this scent.
This is summertime encapsulated in wax, friends.
I don't know is "passion" is universal between vendors, but this interpretation from Ollie's Soaps was creamy and fruity and tart and magnificent all rolled into one. I have now finished this bag, and even though Ayano is focusing on her cupcake business right now, I hope when she reopens she will have some of this. It was just great! Super strong, too. Plus, strawberry and lemon go very well together. 2-3 flowers definitely got the job done.

Ollie's Soaps Strawberry Passion Lemon Curd
Cold Rating7/10; you get mostly lemon on cold sniff, but little hints of strawberry creep up every so often.
Lit Rating7.5/10; great blend of strawberry passion and lemon. Creamy yet tart, sweet yet sour. Perfect for a summertime melt.
Throw Rating7/10; decent throw, could smell this to the TV room, but not through the entire house. Made it smell like deliciousness where the throw reached.
Overall Rating7/10; strawberry lemonade. TARTNESS. Hatred of heat and humidity overtaken by love of summer-centric beverages. Bonfires at night.


  1. Anything 'curd' sounds weird to me, but I've been swayed by all the fabulous reviews of the curdish scents. Love the flower tarts!

    1. Curd is along the lines of crud and crust...nothing good rarely ever comes of them, LOL!

  2. This does sound yummy! I had some Cherry Lemonade Kool Aid the other day. Not the same. Just not. the. same. LOL


    1. Ugh! Not the same at all, bleck! I make homemade lemonade a couple times each summer, but lately the lemons we've been buying go bad in like a day or two. Maybe this is a bad lemon year?


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