Sunday, July 14, 2013

Random Picture Post: Non-Waxy Photos From the Last Few Weeks #1!

Another (hot) weekend closer to fall! Ugh, it was pretty darn warm here. I feel like we're all at a place where we can share things about our non-wax related lives. So, I wanted to share some photos with you all! If you don't want to see non-wax relate items, just scroll. I won't be offended. :)
My grandpa was the king of zucchini and apparently passed his secrets on to my uncle before he moved to Hemet. This is half of the zucchini, next to my mouse for size comparison. INSANITY, I tell you.
Apparently, you never get too old to: A) play with your food, or B) stop being a fan of Pacman. We went to out to our favorite breakfast joint the other day and I made this masterpiece. Not ashamed.
This was my take on the Fourth of July Red, White and Blue Sangria, courtesy of RecipeGirl. It was a SMASH HIT! I think we only had enough for one tiny glass after our BBQ. Yum!
Speaking of alcohol, do you know what's amazing? THIS BEER. It's the Summer Shandy from Leinenkugel's...I think we've easily killed a 12-pack in about half a week. Definitely picking this up for our BBQ on Saturday.
We had an impromptu bonfire a few weeks ago and had an amazing fire going. Unfortunately, the fire was so amazing that we couldn't roast marshmallows because it was so big! But...
The ice cream man came by the island! It was amazing! :P
I made homemade chili and cornbread for dinner on Friday night and it was incredible. It was definitely time consuming, but worth every delicious drop. Find the chili recipe here, and the cornbread recipe here!
My wittle pup Freddo was so hot this weekend, but I was able to sneak this cute shot of him. I love this little guy so much!
We had some family in town from Nebraska a few weeks ago. It was so fun getting to reconnect with them in person and not just over the internet! We had a great time chatting and hanging out, and even had a lovely dinner at my mom's house. Snapped this photo in her backyard as the sun was setting, and thought it was gorgeous. We've had some awesome sunsets this summer so far!

Do you have any photos you'd like to share? :)


  1. Leinenkugel's is a Wisconsin brewery. Hehe! We have Rosegirls AND Leinie's! You want to move here, don't you...

    I like blogs that are mixed posts. It can get boring reading (and posting) about only subject.


    1. Josh knew that, but I didn't! How cool! It's such good beer. :D

      I'm glad you enjoy! I've had fun trying to figure out which photos I should put on here!

  2. That Summer Shandy is my absolute favorite beer (other than Sam Summer...I have to like this one better as a Bostonian). I bought two 12 packs last year as the fall/winter brews were coming in!

    And that sangria looks incredible!

    Can't you tell I need a drink?

    1. LOL!! Everyone deserves a drink on a hot summer night! :)

  3. Holy zucchini, batman! That thang is huge! I love to saute it in olive oil with lots of dill some garlic, salt and lepper. Yum! Cute furbaby! And thanks for the chili link. Must use that in the fall!

    1. YEAH, I don't know what they do to them to make them so huge like that, it's sort of insane.

      Enjoy the chili, it's pretty amazing!

  4. I LOVE mixed posts!
    That zucchini could feed your neighborhood. Love home grown veggies/fruits!
    You're dog is so cute, is he the breed that has super long, beautiful eyelashes?
    I love the pic with the fire pit in the background of your ice cream--so cool!

    1. Glad you like the mixed posts, I will keep them coming!

      Freddo is a mini Schnauzer, and yes, he has big, long, fluffy eyebrows. He's such a ham towards the camera.

  5. For some reason, I thought people are less interested if you mix up posts on a seemingly one subject blog, so I'm glad to have read some of the comments!!

    Lauren, that beer sounds good!! I'm going to have to look out for that, as I'm not much of a beer drinker and need all the help I can get to find a good one!

    The zucchini looks amazing (would make some killer zucchini fries!) and that's my favorite ice cream of almost all time! The chocolate one too!! Sounds like you guys had a great time!! Yay!

    1. I am glad, too! Wax is fun, and you can mix it up between hauls, reviews, sales alerts, but there's so much more to our lives than wax, and I'm glad we can all get to know each other more than just through wax! :)

      You really need to try that beer! I'm not a huge beer drinker, either (Shock Top, Blue Moon, pretty much any wheat beer is about my limit), it is amazing for any non-beer drinker, that's for sure.

      I've never tried the chocolate good humor bars! I will have to track those down!


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