Monday, July 22, 2013

Shameless Plug: LoloLovesFilms is LIVE!

LoloLovesFilms is LIVE and ready for you to come check it out! WOOHOO!

If you enjoyed our MoviePass movie reviews, you'll LOVE our new blog. :)

(We had a huge party/BBQ this weekend and my hangover is finally gone, so I will be updating again soon)

(Sorry for the delay in my Project post. Also, I slipped "off the wagon" and ordered from Beezy Tarts this weekend. I am ashamed and sad that I broke my Project Wax ban, but I am back on and more determined than ever. Sorry to Karen who was counting on me). :-(


  1. You were drunk when you ordered. You don't know how that happened. :P


    1. I blame it on the royal baby. There was reason to celebrate! :P

    2. Heck yeah! I've been so excited today, just waiting for the news. Then my sister sent me a text saying it was a boy and flew to the TV to watch the announcement and coverage ... and cried cuz I'm a sentimental fool.

      I wasn't into Charles & Diana much, but I've been hooked on William & Kate.



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