Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Haul: Butterfly Lane Scents Haul #5!

I just happened to be online a few weeks back when Butterfly Lane Scents owner Melissa put up some ready to ship stock. She is one of the few vendors I have notifications for on Facebook because I absolutely love her pink scents. They are so strong and so wonderful!

I hope hoping she would have some peppermint blends, but I didn't see any. In fact, I just got a few things that I wanted to show you, including..........MY SECOND LOAF! Usually, I am not a fan of loaves, but since I got a soap cutter (well, I'll obviously be using it for wax, LOL), I WANT TO CUT ALL THE THINGS!!! Here's some haulage for y'allage!
How cute are these little slips of paper?! I had to share these...keeping with the theme! :)
These were my samples (?). I'm sure two of them are samples, but I'm not sure if I bought Cotton Candy Frosting or not.

  • Cotton Candy Frosting is freaking incredible...I wish I had it mass quantities! It smells like delicious, sweet cotton candy mixed with creamy frosting, though I'm surprised the cotton candy is the top note I smell. SO GOOD.
  • Holiday Wassail is a bit....tree-y to me? Which is weird because wassail is a drink, I beleive. There is definitely apple and some other kind of fruit (plum, perhaps?) in there, but that top tree note is waaay too potent for me. I will be passing this along.
  • Country Bumpkin is a scent I know I love, I have purchased it several times. It just smells like fall goodness to me, punkins and such!

  • Marshmallow Cream is a scent I got to compare to my loaf scent. I wanted to smell the marshmallow cream in its natural state, and while it's pretty light to my nose on cold sniff, it is creamy and pretty fluffy!
  • Apple Noel is very intriguing. You get the vanilla bean noel, but it isn't overly sweet, and the apple is the "fresh" apple I adore. Mmmmm! Can't wait to melt this.
  • Christmas Splendor is fruity, piney, and a touch spicy. LOVE this one, and I may even have it going on Christmas day.
  • Christmas Shoppe smells like red hot candies mixed with some type of fruit. I melted this in the kitchen, and while it wasn't the strongest tart ever, it was nice and other people noticed its spiciness!

Look at me, all bakery and stuff!

  • Strawberry White Cake was introduced to me from Lasting Scent Candles and it is insanely good. So bakery, so sweet, so delicious. Well, when I saw this from Butterfly Lane, I needed to compare! This smells great on cold sniff, but the strawberry is a bit more candied than I prefer. Cure time may make this better, though!
  • Twinkies...one of the hot scents of the year. Every vendor seemed to make a mad dash to carry this scent. To me, Twinkies is very light and not even super cakey. It's just sort of boring. This isn't really an exception...it's just basically a blender scent.
  • Key Lime Twinkies, however, is delicious smelling! Her key lime is very lovely, very tart, my favorite. YUM! But again, don't get much twinkies from this.
  • Pink Twinkies is where I smell the strongest twinkies scent, actually. This is a nice mix of cake and pink sugar. Can't wait to melt this one!

Finally, look at this adorable loaf! It smells pretty good, I wasn't exactly sure if the marshmallow cream would be for me, but it's fine. My idea was to cut this up and share it with people since the loaf itself is pretty big. I love the decorations, it's so cute. With cure time, I'm sure this will smell splendid!

And there you have it! Have you ordered from Butterfly Lane Scents, or do you want to? :)


  1. I want to order! Glad to hear a recommendation of her pinks. That loaf looks festive! She only sells via Facebook or just uses it to notify of openings? Pink twinkies sounds divine! Be careful cutting all the things!!!!

    1. She restocks her website very sparingly, but usually informs her group page of the day when she will do so! Are you in her group page? If not, let me know and I will add you! :D

  2. I have not ordered from Butterfly Lane. Looks like you got some yummies there. Country Bumpkin was my absolute favorite scent for a while back when I'd gotten it in soap form from someone and didn't know what that scent was. Last time I had it in tart form though (last year?) I was sad that I didn't like it as much. I'm hoping I just had a dud.


    1. Which of these sound good to you, my friend? I feel like I didn't describe them well enough, ha! I hope you get a chance to try her stuff, she has some really great scents!


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