Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Haul: Collective Bath & Body Works Haul (Last October through November)!

I have been slowly but surely collecting items from Bath & Body Works that revolve around winter and Christmas.
I figured I'd show them all in one haul instead of multiple little hauls because I said so. ;)
So apparently, Bath & Body Works has changed their bottles. AGAIN. Good lord, these people change packaging every freakin' season it seems! Their lotion, which I've never really liked, is now filled with 2X the shea, 2X the moisturizer, and 2x the lasting power...I don't buy it, but whatevs. I don't know if these bottles are smaller as far as the amount that they hold, but they look shorter and fatter.
A new perfume! Forever Red was a huge success, if I'm not mistaken, so they have now made Forever Midnight, as well as Forever Red Vanilla Rum (I'm not sure if this it out yet). I smelled this in the store about a week ago and it was alright.
I checked the B&BW website multiple times a day for about 2 weeks to make sure I snapped up these amazingly adorable 3-wick candle pedestals before they sold out. Well, I GOT THEM! YAYAYAYAY!!! I know it sounds stupid, but I am so excited I bought these. I have two of their normal white pedestals on our fireplace mantle anyways, so these just replace those for a month-ish. Also, I picked up a Vanilla Bean Noel PocketBac. LOVE THAT SCENT!!
I bought the Scarlet Pumpkin hard working hand cream several months ago and LOVE the scent. It's incredible and perfect for this time of year! So, when I saw the Scarlet Pumpkin pump soap online, I HAD to get two. I am using this in the bathroom and it's equally as amazing.
Another huge soap hit with us (and with my brother-in-law, who went and bought 5 of these bad boys from B&BW after smelling it at our house) is the Black Cherry Merlot. HOLY WOW, this stuff is so, so good. It's a very deep, dark cherry, and though there's not much "merlot" in this that we can smell, the cherry alone is enough to keep us coming back. I am going to hoard these suckers in case B&BW decides to yank them from the shelves.
Vanilla Snowflake...ehh, I will have a review on this one soon. I wasn't a fan, unfortunately. Also, I'm not sure if Tis The Season was available in soap form last year, but it is this year! It smells pretty similar to the candle, which boasts apple/pine/cider/slight spice notes, but this has a much more toned-down pine note. It's there, but the candle features it more prominently. I have this in the spare bathroom now and it's really nice! Plus, look at the can you go wrong?!
Another scent I have smelled before and decided to try in soap form. Heirloom Cranberries is sweet, but has a touch of spice to it. I have a feeling this will be a good soap for January!
As I've said before on this little blog'o'mine, ANYTHING lemon is good in our book. Well, I couldn't resist the lemon meringue cheer soap, which has another adorable label to it, too. The notes in this are meyer lemon zest, orange blossom, and meringue...sounds too good to be true!
I had my eye on this several months ago online, and when I went to buy it, it was gone. This anchor wallflower, even without a bulb, will look great in our beachy bathroom! Plus, this was on clearance, so I got a pretty good deal.
Finally, we have my most recent candle haul! WOOT! I am happy with 3 our of 4 of these candles, and am willing to try the 4th just to see how is smells when lit. OoOoOoOo, stacking abilities like whaaaaaat!
First, the one I'm not too sure we will like. White Barn's Nutmeg & Spice No. 1 (link is for 4 oz. candle) is not a new candle, it was definitely around last year. The notes I get from this are nutmeg for sure, vanilla sweetness, and some sort of caramel. Something about it is too caramelly for us, though. When I smelled it in the store, it smelled different, much less caramel, much more spice. When I got it in my package, it's the opposite. I'm willing to see how it differs, of course!
Now, I must confess, I have about a half of a candle in this scent from last year left. I KNOW, I KNOW, STOP HOARDING, but I wanted to make sure I got another one in case B&BW decides to yank this, too. SEE HOW SCARED YOU'VE MADE US, CORPORATE????????? Anywho, 'Tis the Season is fresh apples, pine, and hints of cinnamon. I just love this scent, it's so Christmas to me. And again....that label.... ;)
Josh bought me Spiced Apple Toddy last year for a Christmas gift and we fell in love with it. It's the best apple cider/apple drink scent Bath & Body Works has made, in my opinion. The other are lacking what this candle seems to have...maybe it's the plum note in this, but it's just fantastic. Last year, it burned like a charm each and every time I used it, which was A LOT. I'm hoping this year's version will produce similar results. I think this candle is in a new drink line, thus the fancy-pants label, which I love.
You know the scent Blonde Moment in wax, which is a bubbly fruity type of champagney scent? Well, Champagne Toast is the closest thing to that scent I've smelled in candle form. BOY, is this bubbly! I love it, it's really nice! I am going to use thus from late December - February, because I have a feeling it will last a long while. The notes in this candle are champagne and bubbles, some sort of citrus, and maybe another deeper fruit. I get a lot of that citrus note intermingled with the champagne. Hope this one burns!
Now, on the last two candles, they feature this really pretty lid. I know that the lid doesn't matter whatsoever, but I thought it was cool enough to share. I am a sucker for cool packaging!

And those are my Bath & Body Works hauls from late October through November 2013! I didn't partake in the Black Friday sales because I am an idiot. I should have bought Vanilla Bean Noel, a newly discovered love of mine, when I had the chance. Oh well, there's always after Christmas! Have you boguht anything from B&BW lately? Let me know!


  1. Nice haul! That anchor wallflower is perfect. I zipped into the store early Sunday morning right when they opened to take advantage of the 2 for $22 sale and use a coupon. In 3 wicks I got another Winter in the White Barn version (love last year's label so much I'm hoarding it--how nuts is that? LOL), Cranberry Woods, Frosted Cranberry and Twisted Peppermint, though they didn't have the snowman label I wanted. In minis, I got Winter, Cranberry Woods, and Fresh Balsam, which I might need to get in 3 wick. I picked up 'Tis the Season in 3 wick a few weeks ago but haven't burned it yet.

    Lids count! Every time I burn London Calling, I think "Gosh, what a nice lid!" :D

    1. The London Calling lid is spectacular, it's so gorgeous! I am glad you think the lid counts, I was starting to think I was crazy! ;)

      I should have purchased Winter. It smelled so good, but my hubby was hesitant. Let me know how you like 'Tis the Season!

  2. Nice! I haven't been to B&BW in forever. I should be like all my wise bloggy friends and just order online. Duh me.

    And now I know where Vanilla Snowflake is from. I recently did a Melted post about Vanilla Snowflake Type from CFTKR, but didn't know what it was a dupe of. It reminded me of sugar cookies.


    1. Order online, Deb! DO IT!!! /influenster

      Sugar may be on to something there! Interesting! I wish I had another to melt to compare it to sugar cookies!

  3. I bought Fireplace last year and refused to burn the 2nd half until I got a backup because I love it so much, so when I found the scent in the small candles at the outlet store, I bought 4... I may have a hoarding problem, lol. I wish we could get the scents we love more!

    1. I *almost* bought Fireplace this year, and now I wish I would have! What a great scent! The thing about buying the candles online is, more often than not, the coupons aren't that good, but I hate the hassle of going into the store, you know? AHHH well, such is the life of a wax addict, lol!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who couldn't keep my hands off the soap this year!

    I just placed an online order for what I've heard is the last of the 2/$22 candles. Rumor has it that they're increasing the price to 2/$25.

    What do you think? I'm probably going to break up with BBW if they increase again. I had a hard time with $22 because the quality started lacking. I'm one of the believers that their candle line suffered after Slatkin left the scene.

    I got some of their Winter destination line and I'm most excited for the lids! I agree with Kate, I love the London Calling lid!


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