Monday, December 23, 2013

Haul: Up The Creek Scents Haul #2!

We're coming down to the Christmas wire, folks! I am so excited! What are your plans? We are having Christmas at our house this year and we are thrilled! I will be sure to post photos shortly after Christmas day! Again, I apologize for not posting so much lately (between blog posts AND comments on your blogs), it has been a madhouse this past few weeks!

Today, I have haul #2 from Up The Creek Scents! I had a couple of scents I wanted to repurchase, and when the shop opened up, I knew I needed to act fast. Hope you enjoy!
Now, it's silly, but I like when vendors attach notes in their packages. Shannon has beautiful handwriting, plus, look at that adorable stationary!
My samples! I always like to get a sense of how a vendor's serendipity is, but I have been so "off" of it lately, I didn't order it. Well, it's good to see it as a sample. Her serendipity is very nice!
Marshmallow Coffee Ice Cream is just that, creeeeamy. The coffee note almost overpowers it, but it's got a nice sweetness to it. Not my type of scent, so I passed this along.
Peppermint Marshmallows smells very sweet, too! In fact, I can't wait to get to melting these items to see how the marshmallow smells while warmer. The peppermint is a sweeter one. Apple Marshmallow Serendipity Bread is very unique! What a strange bunch of scents to put together! The bread note in this is the one that jumps out at me right away...without the bread, I think I'd like this more. I also gave this away since I don't care for bread scents!
I got one chunk muffin in Cotton Candy Twinkies. Love this scent! You really can't go wrong with anything cotton candy, in my opinion. This smells quite authentic on that end, but I only pick up cake notes, not Twinkie ones. It's okay, it may be different melted! I will get at least 4 melts out of this muffin!
Now, I wanted to get a bag of brittle in Funnel Cake since I melted it before and LOVED it. I mean, it was so, so good...I basically stalked the site to see when Shannon would reopen so I could buy more of this scent. It's so great. I also wanted to see if she could blend pink sugar and peppermint together, and she did! Pink Peppermint here is a combination of pink sugar and Twisted Peppermint, which is a Bath & Body Works dupe, so it's sweeter, in my opinion. We will see how it smells while melting, but I am excited for it!
Another scent that's pretty incredible is Shannon's Vanilla Bean Noel dupe, so I got it in a 4 pack. Yay! I also took a chance on Watermelon Patch, which smells AMAZING on cold sniff. I am really into watermelon scents lately. This will be perfect for spring.
Now, onto the tart cups!

  • Red Lipstick: this smells like very sweet fruits, like strawberries and candies and cherries and sugar. Very femininely sweet. Not sure how I like it, but maybe it will warm up to my liking!
  • Whipped Bear Claws: this is a very delicate bakery scent with cinnamon notes to it. Smells like almond and cinnamon and whipped cream. Yum!
  • Pink Marshmallows: simply delicious. One of my favorites from the order on cold sniff. Looking forward to it!

  • Raw Cake Batter: insane! It smells exactly like cake batter! YUM. I want to eat this. MMmmmm, I can only imagine how good this will smell while warming. Perfect for bakery lovers.
  • Blue Moon: blueberry something, I can't place it. I actually *like* this one. JESSI, DID YOU HEAR ME?? I like another blueberry scent. It's your fault. :P
  • Gingerbread Cupcakes: light spice mixed with tons of gingerbread and cupcakes. Nice! You even get a nice whipped frosting note in it, too.
  • Hot Toddy: not my favorite hot toddy scent, I must admit. Something about it seems off to me. But, smells can be deceiving. I will melt this soon and report back!

  • Confetti Cake: a huge favorite amongst UTC fans.Another winner! It smells like a freshly opened box of cake mix. UGH, all this cake is making me hungry. Delish and luscious!
  • Pink Fluffy Pom Poms: pink sugar, cotton candy, and pomegranate, how can you say no to this?! Love this one, very sweet but I think I will like it with the pink sugar in there.
  • Pumpkin Apple Butter: not spicy, all I get is apple from this. Still, it's pretty good.

  • Cap'n Crunch Berries: another that I got on a whim. Another one I'm not convinved about on cold sniff. Fruit Loops and Crunch Berries scents are different, I need to get that into my head. I just don't know...the berry smells strange to me.
  • Lemon Iced Tea: ahhhhhhhh, refreshing! You get both the tea note and the lemon note. Very lovely. Another winner!
  • Caramel Lemon: okay, I HAD to get this based on the weird scent combination. Caramel and lemon?! WHAT?? It sounds weird, but strangely, smells great! Excited for it, too.
  • Twinkies: I hate to say it, but I only smell wax on cold sniff. I get maybe the faintest hint of filling, but that's it. Maybe with cure time, more will come out while warmed.
There's my haul, friends! Have you tried Up The Creek Scents? What do you like from Shannon, and what sounds intriguing? :)


  1. Lots of yummy sounding ones in here but it was the Caramel Lemon that made me go "Whaaaa.....?" LOL Especially funny since I just finished watching your video where you say you realized you don't like caramel scents.


    1. Caramel Lemon was so weird....I had to get it, even though I don't dig caramel scents. Isn't that a funny justification? LOL!

  2. Those cake batter and confetti cake shots sound really good. I start craving donuts and sweets when I smell those scents. Mmmm! Nice order!

    1. I'm telling you, those cake scents are incredible, they smell so real! I hope you get to order some of these scents won't regret it! <3

  3. I haven't tried UTC.. yet. Will look forward to your melting reviews.

    Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas, Lauren!

    1. Can't wait to see what you get, Lynda, you must let us know!

      Hope your Christmas is going well, too! Happy holidays!

  4. Waiting to order 2014. I absolutely loved Marshmallow Coffee Ice Cream on warm throw it's so creamy and smooth. I need that in large form. Thanks

    1. I am so glad you liked it! Was it super coffeeish, like it was on cold sniff? Can't wait to hear what you order if you do in 2014!


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