Sunday, December 15, 2013

To Try: Influenster's Rose VoxBox!

Yes, I simultaneouly received two VoxBox's from Influenster to try for free! AND I LOVED IT. WOOHOO!
This is by far the most stacked VoxBox I've received! Everything was packaged pretty nicely, and even though the belVita breakfast biscuits were wrapped in bubble wrap, they managed to break apart in the package. Such is the life is a biscuit! I love the boxes where you get something from each part of life: beauty, health, food, etc, it just makes each box more fun to open! Now, I will take you on a trip through the box, so you can see what all I received!
Here's the card detailing all the products with their prices and size!
First off, the luscious, delicious Lindor milk chocolate truffle! MMMMMM. I have had these chocolates many times in my life and I really enjoy them. The chocolate on the outside isn't super cloyingly sweet, and the milky, smooth inside is really delish. There was only one of these in this package, so I (selfishly) wished there were more. :P
Next, we have belVita breakfast biscuits. Now, these I have tried in the past. I hate to say it, and while these do boast whole grains and increased fiber content, these are basically glorified cookies. Come on now, let's be real...they are sweet, very sweet, and do taste good, but there's no way these aren't cookies. The blueberry is nice, even though blueberry isn't my favorite flavor.
Fact about me: I have weird feet. Yeah, it's strange, but I have weird, wide feet. Well, I was skeptical about the Dr. Scholl's for Her Cozy Cushions because they were so puffy and large, but they are actually really nice and comfortable! As you can see, they are covered in fuzz, which means nothing for San Diego weather. I don't own a varied selection of shoes, and I just wear one set of sneakers, but I put these insoles in my shoes anyways. They are nice, but I have noticed that my big toe seems to have made a larger dent in these insoles that the rest of my foot, LOL. I don't know if I would buy them though, especially since they are more of a wintery thing, but they get the job done. To see more about this product, click here!
Rimmel London's Scandaleyes Retro Glam is a really nice mascara with a humongous sized bottle. I love the heft of it, actually, because I need something to hold onto while I poke a stick in my eyeball. This is really volumizing! I like this mascara!
Next, we have the Kiss Gradation Polishes. Basically what you do is apply two coats of polish #1, let it dry, then apply one coat of the #2 polish on the top 1/3 of the nail, then before it's done drying, smear them together using polish #3, which is a glitter top coat. The look was actually quite cool, see for yourself!
One coat of polish #1.
Two coats of polish #1.
One coat of polish #2 on the top of the nail.
Finished look! I love how it looks like it belongs at a New Years party, and I may reuse this for the purpose!
Finally, we have the Vitabath hydrating lotion in the scent Beach Blossom. This is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery floral and sort of greasy, so it wasn't my favorite product. I feel like it took forever to blend into my skin, and the scent didn't really ever go away. It sort of gave me a headache. Not a purchase for me.

Anywho, that's my review of the Rose VoxBox! Have you tried Influenster or any of the products they sent me to try for free? If you want a referral link, let me know and I can give you mine! :)


  1. Nice goody box! That mascara wand looks pretty serious. How did it wear? Any flaking or smudging?

    1. The mascara could have worn a bit longer, to be honest, but overall I was impressed with its performance! It had a bit of smudging when I wiped my eyes, too.

  2. I'm so jealous! What a great box, I can't believe it was free. I really liked the Belvita breakfast biscuit, although I'm not sure it would quite make a satisfying breakfast. Maybe a snack is more appropriate.

    You have such nicely shaped nails!


    1. This was the first box where I was like, "YEAH!!" The other one I have gotten was sort of a let-down after all was said and done. Agreed about the belVita's, they are just glorified cookies! LOL!

      Thank you! <3


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