Thursday, September 12, 2013

Haul: Butterfly Lane Scents Haul #4!

Happy Thursday, waxy friends! How are you doing? I'm here today with another haul for you all, this is a Butterfly Lane Scents ready-to-ship haul! I was fast with my clicking finger and got a couple cute shapes of wax about a week or two ago. Here's my small haul!
Scent shots!

  • Lemon Custard (2): a repurchase for me, I loooooove this scent. So wonderfully lemony with a bit of a sugar note. Awesome!
  • Frosted Sugar Cookie: my least favorite item from the order. For some reason, this particular frosted sugar cookie blend isn't my favorite. I will be passing this on to someone else.
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar: a dupe of some sort, I think a Bath & Body Works scent? Very sugary but also perfumey. Nice for a kitchen scent!
  • Pink Cupcake: I love Butterfly Lane's pink scents, this is no exception. Pink and bakery, yum!

  • Pink Marshmallow (pumpkin shape): delicious and wonderful!

  • Apple Butter: extra appley, in my opinion. Apple, spices, and perhaps a bit of creaminess?
  • Leaves (type): one of my favorite Leaves dupes. Just a fabulous fall and winter scent, nature, spices, and apple!

Close up of the leaf shape! Cute!

  • Vanilla Pumpkin Pie: another great scent, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices, and vanilla, what can go wrong? There's a bit of a nutmegy note in this, and that can sometimes be overpowering, but I think the vanilla will tone it down a lot.
  • Candy Corn: This is so good. It's a super sugar, buttercreamy scent...I absolutely love it!

  • Country Bumpkin: another classic fall scent that combines apples, perhaps sweet potatoes, creaminess like vanilla or marshmallow, maybe pear...sort of a cornucopia of fall fragrances!
  • Pumpkin Crunch Cake: a buttery yellow cake, a praline type of sweetness, and pumpkin. Nice!

Close up of the pumpkin!

That's my small haul from Butterfly Lane! YAY! Have you tried this vendor?


  1. Nice haul! I have never heard of butterfly lane. Great mixture of fall scents. I really need more leaves type in my life right now. :-) love that scent!

  2. great haul. website says closed but i need to get my hands on some pumpkins :)

  3. She is only doing ready to ship items at the moment, sporadically!

  4. I love her shapes. I want the leaves and the pumpkins. I've never tried Butterfly Lane.
    The number of vendors you've tried is impressive!

  5. Love your haul!! The pumpkin is GORGEOUS! I have tried a few BL from swaps and destashes... and I love every single BL I've tried!! I hope to get some more soon, when she puts up alot of RTS. I know she had a death in the family, so nothing too soon. But her wax is phenomenal!


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