Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Haul: Crabby Candle/Dutch Candle Co. Haul #2!

The last time I ordered from Dutch/Crabby Candle Company was in November of 2012, I believe. I waited a bit too long to use some of my tarts, and the performance suffered because of it. John, the owner of the company, was offering a sale...a couple of months ago? so I took advantage and got myself about $30 worth of tarts. I forget the promotion, but I think it was free tarts. Here's what I got in my order, I've had this for almost 2 months, so these are ready to melt now!
  • Pink Peppermint: nice, but I wish it was stronger.
  • Midnight Rendezvous: a bit musky, sort of like a sexy man scent. Not my favorite scent.
  • Odor Eliminator: I'm not sure about this's sort of stinky and weird.
  • Ocean Breeze: sort of powdery, but a nice ocean scent, nonetheless.

  • Lily of the Valley (2): a super floral scent, not much else to say...just like the flower!
  • Hello, Sugar!: this is a weird lemon sugar scent that I am definitely not digging. Something about this is off. The lemon comes off as cleaner smelling.
  • Sugar Cookie: a very nice sugar cookie scent, not too buttery, but definitely bakery! I passed this along in a round robin.

  • Lime Bubblegum: This really does smell like lime bubblegum. Decent, but not overly strong.
  • Blue Lime: I like this! It's lime mixed with blue raspberry, I think. It smells good!
  • Sunwashed Linen: Another powdery fresh scent I'm not too keen on. I like clean cotton better.
  • Sunrise: Not what I thought it would's TOO crispy linen-esque, and definitely has some sort of floral tea. There's also citrus in this, too, but it smells like cleaner.

  • Circus Circus: I need to accept the fact that I just don't like this blend. Apples, carnival funnel cake, sweetness, perhaps popcorn or nuts...I just can't get behind this. Ew.
  • Bailey's in Bed: Bailey's is fabulous in drink form, but this isn't for me. I'll be passing this along to someone else.
  • Brandied Pear: a little light in the cup, but you get an alcohol mixed in with the pear. Nice, I hope this melts into something stronger.

  • Southern Ice Tea: I love tea scents, and this is no exception. Pretty strong on cold sniff, so we'll see how it does while warming!
  • Clean Cotton: Yankee dupe? Not sure, but this is your basic clean cotton, very fresh and crisp. Very strong, love it.

  • Mystery square: not sure what this is, it's bakery for sure, very sweet, but I like it.
  • Best Dang Carrot Cake Ever: sweet and cakey mixed with spices and some sort of frosting. Like this one!

Overall, I'm split about this order. Some of the stuff isn't that strong, while I wasn't a fan of other scents. Might I purchase from this vendor again? I don't know, this would be the second time I had inconsistencies. We shall see once I get to melting! Have you tried Dutch/Crabby Candle Company? Let me know!


  1. I know other vendors do this, but I love this packaging of the wax!

    Lol, I laughed when I read your description of Odor Eliminating. What is odor eliminating supposed to smell like anyway?

    Blue lime caught my eye the most...can't wait to see how this one throws!

    1. I know...isn't odor elimination sort of part of the appeal of wax in the first place?! LOL!

      Blue lime is really nice, I hope it's strong while melting!

  2. I also think the branding/packaging is fabulous!

    When you smell a tart cold, do you pop it out of the container and smell the bottom? I just saw that on a YT somewhere and thought it was interesting. I usually don't have the patience to do that with my new wax.

    Odor Eliminator is the oxymoron of wax. Too funny.

    1. I do like their packaging as well!

      I smell a tart after I open the lid, and then pop it out and smell the bottom, for sure. You get different notes on the top versus the bottom sometimes, it's pretty cool actually!

      Odor Eliminator...ehhhhh, LOL!


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