Sunday, September 8, 2013

Haul: K's Kreations Haul #3!

Hi friends! Hope your weekend was swell! Our fridge broke 2 days ago, so we've been having to buy ice every day and make due with what we've got in the way of canned and boxed goods. That, and pizza. ;)

I have a K's Kreations haul to share with you! Kathy, the owner, does this thing called Katch 'Ems, where she takes tester scents and/or last call scents and allows customers to comment if they want to buy them. They are at a reduced price. All you have to do is comment with "ME," then the next day, she will use a random number generator and choose who gets what. I won a few, and then added on to my order with a lot more goodies. Let's get started!
 First, I'll show you which Katch 'Ems I won!
  • Joyeux Noel: a blend of cinnamon, coconut, cassia, and vanilla bean. This one is strange, not my favorite. I get lots of cassia (I'm assuming, since I've never smelled it and it's unfamiliar to me) which I don't think I like, and it's mixed with coconut and vanilla creaminess. I'll have to try this and see if I like it warmed up.
  • Smiley Face: "Smiles are truly contagious! Smiley Face fragrance is an uplifting fragrance blend of citrus paradise fruit, mandarin orange, tangy clementines, petitgrain, orange blossoms, heliotrope, water lily and fresh green clover." Another strange blend. I do get those watery notes, as well as a small hint of citrus, but mostly there's clover here. Very astringently fresh. Will have to try this as well!
  • Primitive Gatherings: "A homespun fragrance that is reminiscent of a primitive gathering. Apples, oranges, spicy cinnamon, and candy. Unique but a familiar scent." This is my favorite from the bunch. Wonderful fall blend of fruits and spice, with hints of sweetness. Love it!
  • Refreshing: this is a very clean scent, crispy, but not like laundry. More of a greenery, outdoor type of scent. Definitely interesting. A bit astringent.
  • Spicy Apples & Peaches: the name say it all, spicy apples and spicy peaches. While I'm not the hugest peach fan in the world, this mixed with apple and spices sure makes for a nice fall treat. Very strong on cold sniff!
  • Pumpkin Caramel Latte: I knew if I commented on this, I'd win it, even if I wasn't sure if I'd like it. It's nice, but very sweet. Only hints of pumpkin because it's mostly caramel and coffee. I like it, but it's not something I'd normally buy.
  • Jelly Bean: this smells just like a bag of jelly beans, it's uncanny! Nice and sweet and fruity.
I added two bags of Rainbow Brittle to my order. I want to show you directly what her website has to say about this brittle because the meaning behind it is special:
As many of you may know, my 17 year old son, Alex, died an accidental death on July 31, 2011. He was my biggest helper with my candle business and had aspirations of taking it over some day. Alex was openly gay, and dealt with a lot of bullying in his short life. These candles are dedicated to his memory and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these candles is going in a memorial fund dedicated to anti-bullying in Alex's name.
This item is also part of the Alex's Rainbow Line and $1/bag is donated to an anti-bullying charity, in his name.
I already knew I loved Alex's Rainbow, her son's namesake scent. I got it in my last order and fell in love with not just the scent, but what it represents about her son. It's a fun candy blend, it smells like you've just opened up a bag of candy, not quite Skittles but not quite is wonderful. I love it. The other bag of brittle is in Rootbeer Float, which I knew Josh would love since it's one of both of our favorite sodas.
Kathy gives customers the option of blending your own scents to put in either half pound or pound bags of scallops. I chose to blend pink sugar and peppermint (a no-brainer if you know me and/or have followed my blog for a while), and called it "Pink Peppermint Dreams." Simple, to the point, but amazing. Her blend is peppermint heavy, which I love!
Sniffin' Stix!
  • Orange Clove: pretty straightforward, one of my favorite fall blends.
  • Afternoon Tea: black tea and lemon, if I'm not mistaken. Love this one, too. Any tea scent is a favorite of mine, but when you add lemon, oooooh boy!
  • Amish Quilt: another homey favorite of mine, this combines cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, and a touch of fruitiness. Love!
  • Sugared Cinnamon Noel: another repurchase from my last order, it's very sugary, that's for sure, but you also get layers of cinnamon and creamy vanilla bean noel. Wonderful as a comforting background scent!
Single tarts!
  • Primitive Bliss: apples, spices, and buttercream. Soothing and yet satisfying! I should have gotten this in brittle. You'll see a fall theme throughout these melts. ;)
  • Snicker's Coffee Blend: wow, this is crazy good! I don't like coffee scents, but the chocolate and peanuts from the Snickers mixed with caramel 
  • Clean: your average laundry scent, nice.
  • Aromatic Chai Tea: looooove this. It's just like a chai tea from Starbucks. So calming.
  • Magical Fluff: marshmallow, for the most part. Not my favorite, but will be a good for mixing.
  • Pistachio Pudding Cake: stronnnnnnnnnnnng on cold sniff! I should have gotten this in brittle too because I love pistachio pudding cake. This is no exception. Wonderful and sweet and nutty!
  • Kathy's Cranberry Jam: tart but also has sweetness to it. Almost a hint of woodsy-ness to it. Sort of a fresh cranberry meets Cranberry Woods!
  • Farmhouse Joe: apple and pumpkin mixed with coffee, weird, but goes well together, surprisingly.
  • Cranberry Orange and Spice: AMAZING! Tart cranberry mixed with zesty orange and spices, amazing.
  • Lemon Chiffon: like any lemon chiffon I've smelled in the past, nothing special.
  • Over the Rainbow: Alex's Rainbow, strawberry, and sugar cookie. LOVE this. Not overly buttery, and you definitely strawberry mixed in with the candy sweetness. So nice.
  • Crisp Apple Cider: just like any other apple cider scent, is a staple in our house at fall and winter!
  • Blue Rainbow Noel: Alex's Rainbow + VBN + blueberry...even though I am not a blueberry fan, this is fabulous.
  • Lemon Noel Cookies: very nice cookies mixed with lemon. Sweet and sugary without being buttery.
  • Red Rainbow Noel: berries + VBN + Alex's Rainbow. STELLAR. I like this much better than blue rainbow noel. Sweet and luscious. So good.
  • Eggnog: interesting...more sweet than other eggnogs I've smelled. Spicy, almost smell apple in this. Not overly eggy or noggy!
  • Bonfire Nights: sort of like marshmallow fireside, wonderful. Not overly smokey, but there is that wood-burning fire note.
  • Sweet Orange Salsa: like sweet orange chili pepper. Not spicy, just sweet orange with a bit of a different twang to it. Nice!
  • Coconut Cream Pie: too crusty for me. The coconut is buttery but nice, I just don't like crust in wax.
  • Pink Coconut Pumpkins: SO STRANGE, but good! You get the coconut and pink sugar mixed with pumpkin and it's so trippy, but they work well together.
  • Berry Good Pumpkin: pumpkin mixed berries, but the pumpkin is stronger, surprisingly. Nice!
  • Pumpkin Butta Fudge: kicking myself for not getting more of this. Lovely! Creamy and homey pumpkin mixed with vanilla butter fudge. Very nice, sliiiiight hints of a little bit of spice.
  • Something else I cannot for the life of me find, LOL.
Have you tried K's Kreations? I love this vendor and hope you get a chance to try out Kathy's wax! :)


  1. Every time I read about Alex, I tear up.
    Love this order! I've been pretty happy with my K's tarts so far!

  2. You've got such a great order!! I had Smiley Face as a sample, and I was really kinda against it at first, but definitely melt it. It surprised me :) More citrus with an overall clover scent. It reminds me of the really good laundry detergent that you smell up close. If you have a warmer in the laundry room, which I wish I did, that would be the perfect place to melt this.

    I soooo can't wait to place another K's Kreations order!! Enjoy everything!! :D :D :D


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