Thursday, September 19, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Up The Creek Scents Tarts!

About a week ago, I entered a contest from Up The Creek Scents to win a random bunch of goodies from them. Welp, I won! Hooray!! Here's what I won!
The package came in this nice little satchel tied with a ribbon! Nice presentation, especially for something I won as opposed to something I bought.
This is how the round tarts look. There is an embedded "stamp" with the company name in the tart. Very fancy!
Front and back looks at the tarts in the scents:

  • Bazooka Bubble Gum: smells like a nice candied gum I used to enjoy as a kid. I will let this cure because it is a bit light.
  • Cider Web: probably my favorite from the entire bag...this scent is incredible! A fabulously cidered apple with hints of caramel. MMMMMMMMMMM! I LOVE IT! 
  • Blackberry Jam: I am not the biggest fan of blackberry as a whole and/or by itself, but this isn't bad. It's not overly floral like some blackberry scents can be. This would be a good blender.
  • Pink Peppermint Butter Cookies: an odd combination that surprisingly works! The mint tones down the buttery notes from the cookies. I don't get much pink sugar in this.

  • Vanilla Bean Noel: I LOVE UTC's is so luscious and caramelly. Yum! Perfect by itself or in a blend. Wonderful!
  • Monkey Farts: a good fruity blend, an almost tropical Monkey Farts. I get pineapple in this as well as banana. Pretty good.
  • Maple Sugar Cookies: so very, very sweet. UTC's sugar cookie scent is nice, but the maple makes this sooooooooo interesting.
  • Burnt Sugared Zucchini Bread: it has been thoroughly documented that I don't like zucchini bread...but this was the surprise of the winnings package because I actually LIKE this one! I think the burnt sugar takes away that "cigarette," "corn chip/Fritos" smell that most ZBs have. I am interested in melting this one soon to see if the warm sniff produces the same thoughts!

  • Cherry Bean Noel: two scents you wouldn't normally. think of to blend together, and why not? It's basically serendipity, minus coconut. These two scents are good together, actually! This one is strong, too.
  • Puffy Sugar Bread: this one is definitely not for me. I don't know what "puffy" is, but the bread overpowers it. I will be gifting this to a friend.
  • Toes in the Water: your basic, wonderful clean and fresh type of watery scent. Will be good in a big room during cleaning days.
  • Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies: this smells pretty decent, though it is buttery. I like that the blackberry takes away some of the butter. She makes a good cookie scent!
Thank you so much to Shannon from Up The Creek Scents for the opportunity to win some goodies! I am in love with a bunch of these and can't wait to melt them!


  1. Nice prize. :)

    Have you tried their stuff before?


    1. I have tried this company before, I have had some great hits and a couple misses. Unfortunately, I didn't like their pink sugar.

  2. Congrats Lauren! Free wax is fabulous! Cider web sounds like something I need right now! I am ashamed at my lack of apple scents. I have nevervtried Up the Creek. Going to go google them.

    1. You need to try Cider Web! Up the Creek is closed right now, but I think she'll be opening soon! Her scoopables are SO CHEAP! I hope you get the chance to try this vendor. :)

  3. Yay that's awesome!! Sounds like you got some great ones!! :D I think Pink Peppermint Cookies sounds delicious!! Enjoy!!

    1. They are really great, I am surprised she picked so many great freebies!! <3

  4. Congrats Lauren! I always get insanely happy when someone I know wins stuff.

    I haven't seen Bazooka gum in ages but it's one of those scents I can immediately conjure up just by thinking about it.


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