Monday, September 2, 2013

Random Picture Post: Non-Waxy Photos From the Last Few Weeks #4!

Hi friends, happy Labor Day!! It's been a while since I've done a random picture post and I sure have a bunch to share! Enjoy!
Sunnee over at Fragrance Obsessed! and I were talking about Lofthouse Cookies a few weeks ago, so Josh and I went to buy some. Unfortunately (read fortunately), he doesn't like them, so I had to have them all to myself. I still have half of them left, they are so rich and delicious! I don't particularly like the dark frosting, though.
I thought this shot of the palm tree in our backyard looked cool. We need to have it trimmed eventually because we want to put lights in it!
The AMC movie theater a few miles away from us has upgraded BIG TIME. These changes are: A) they now have higher quality food like chicken tenders, pizza, and cheese; B) they have installed leather recliners; C) they feature 21+ showings in specific theaters which means NO CHILDREN DURING SUPERHERO MOVIES!!!; and D) ALCOHOL IN 21+ THEATERS!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Josh and I went to see "The To Do List," which not even this Kentucky Sunrise could help.
We discovered this cheesesteak place by our house. This is dangerous...dangerous because these sandwiches are incredible. I ordered the "Bomb Whiz" cheesesteak, which had beef, cheese whiz, pepperoncinis, and cherry peppers. It was insanely spicy, but wonderful. I thought it was cool that they put "his" and "hers" on the sandwich wrappers, LOL!
In for his check up, Freddo is still in the cone of shame. It'll probably only be one more week (we keep saying that in the hopes that it's true), but he does feel 100000% better. The cone is the only thing standing in his way! His last wound is almost healed, and when it's done, it's groomin' time!
Some nail art I attempted the other day. On the bottom is Essie's The More The Merrier form their 2013 Summer collection, and the dots are Color Club's Wild Cactus. I love the dotting tools I got on Amazon for really cheap, they make for a fun manicure!
Another cool manicure I did featuring Zoya's Kerry (a stunning gold shimmery polish) on the bottom and Zoya's Liberty PixieDust on the top. This half moon manicure was made possible by MissJenFabulous' easy nail art tutorial! I highly suggest you watch her channel for nail art tips!
Freddo wearing his dad's hat! LOL. He was chewing on it and then it got tired of it...this is where it landed. :)
I leave you with this brilliant photo I took of the sky on Friday night. Gorgeous, isn't it? One good thing about it being so hot these past 2 weeks is there is no shortage of sunsets. I love being able to look in the sky and see this. Stunning colors!


  1. LOFTHOUSE cookies! + Coffee? I die.

    I love these picture posts! The sunsets are gorgeous lately. We were just talking to a stranger at the park tonight about how magnificent they've been.

    So happy to hear Freddo is almost completely mended. The picture of him and the hat is too cute.

    Pumpkin Spice Latte -- you're messin' with my head Starbucks! Now serve me a mojito, I'm still sweating buckets over here!

    BEEZY!! Where for art thou Beezy! I'm gonna call it on Friday, that way he'll have the weekend to pack and ship on Monday. If my psychic skills don't work out, I'm resorting to voodoo so he'll open his dang website.

    1. Glad you still like the picture posts, I have fun going through my phone and choosing what to use on here!

      Freddo was just able to have his cone off! YAY!!! His scar is scabbed over a bit, which means we can get this stinky boy groomer. WOOHOOOO!

      Mmmmm, I could go for another lofthouse cookie right now, never tried them with coffee!

      WHERE IS BEEZY!!?!?!?!??

  2. Ahhhhh Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!! Yayy!! I love the Frappacino version!! It's so amazingly yummy!!

    I LOVE Lofthouse cookies, we get them for very special occasions... I still need to try the Red Velvet kind... but they are so super soft!!

    Gah, you lucky dog!!! I'd kill for 21+ theaters with leather seats and mojitos!

    Freddo looks great!! Glad he's doing better!!

    1. Have you had a pumpkin spice latte yet!? YUM! I will have to try the frap version, that's one I've never tried.

      Lofthouse has red velvet cookies?! OMG, I would love to try those. MMmmmmmmm.

      The 21+ theater is so fun, but the booze is expensive! $10 for a small margarita, yikes! IT was fun once, but not again. ;)

      Freddo is almost 100%, I'd say 98% now! YAY!

  3. OMG, I ate frosted sugar cookies all weekend. They were divine!!!!!!! (and I wonder why I am 70 pounds overweight!
    :( oh well, life goes on.... LOve the nails!

    1. I feel your pain, LOL! Those cookies are amazing!

      I've had tons of fun getting more into nail polish. It's a cool creative outlet!


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