Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wickless Wednesday: Confessions of a Wax Addict #1!

Hola, waxy pals!
I'm going to say something I absolutely loathe right now, HAPPY HUMP DAY Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I hate it because I am a 7 year old at heart and hump).

I wanted to try something new on the blog today and would love to know how you feel about it!
I have seen others on Facebook groups talking about the "addiction," so I want to know:
Do you have any confessions you'd like to make as a wax addict?

I will make posts like these from time to time, and you can share or not, with your name or anonymously. I'll start, just so you don't feel intimidated!
One time, I was expecting a package when we lived at our condo, nothing overly large, just another package of wax.
I asked Josh to go and get the mail so he would be gone for a few minutes while I put it in a hiding place.
...then I stopped in the middle of the living room, looked around and panicked that I didn't know where to put my latest wax stash (since my little box that used to house my wax had been overrun), then I momentarily felt like an idiot/criminal. In the beginning, it was fine, but as new and more vendors came out/readily available and accessible, I wanted to try all the new stuff to review for the blog!
I realized that I shouldn't feel bad about spending my own damn money on something I, and to a certain extent Josh, have grown to love. I told him about this, and ever since then, it has been out in the open, LOL.
Also, I have come to the realization that I only want to fall asleep to pink peppermint blends. Pink peppermint or bust!!!

So, feel free to share your crazy or simple or sad or hilarious stories with the rest of us waxy friends! Have you gone up at 3am to buy wax? Did you visit the mall simply to smell candles at Yankee? Let us know in the comments! :)


  1. I love falling asleep for pink peppermint blends tooooo! iheartwax's Pink Vanilla Mint is a fave! My "confession" was moving my wax out of my closet and out in our bedroom. I feel proud having it all out in the open! Let it all hang out LOL!

    1. I love that attitude, let it all hang out, LOL! Great philosophy! I don't think we should be ashamed of the wax we have!!!

  2. I've done the hiding thing too. LOL

    I also felt like a complete, total dork last winter (or the one before?) when Walmart had just gotten their huge display of holiday/winter tarts and warmers out and I was frantically sniffing and writing names and notes down on the back of my shopping list...and the lady working in that department passed by me many times, usually giving me a weird look. I wanted to say "It's ok, I'm a wax blogger," but somehow I think that only would have added to it. LOL!!!


    1. The hiding thing seems to be pretty big one in our little wax community. People hide their wax! I like what Dana said, let it all hang out, lol!

      You should have told that Walmart worker you were a wax blogger and then gave her your blog name and address!

  3. I couldn't hide it if I wanted to! Hubs works from home and is usually here for mail time :-) I caught some fun grief from a friend. She told me her son watches youtube videos of kids opening up packs of pokemon cards and she thought it was kinda weird. I told her about me watching youtube videos of people smelling wax and pulled up one on her phone. We watched it and she died laughing. Standing back and seeing it from her perspective made me laugh too. So she had her hubby make one if her smelling one in walmart and sent it to me. It was funny! Also, my six year old watches them with me sometimes and has her own stash. She made a video of it and even did scent descriptions and everything on her leap pad. Adam saw it and said I tainted her :-)

    1. That's a great confession, thanks for sharing! I never thought of it as an outside perspective, people probably think we're crazy! LOL! My nephew watches videos of Minecraft, which is some sort of a game, for hours! To each their own! :)


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