Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wickless Wednesday: Bath & Body Works Exotic Coconut Wallflower Bulb

As I've astutely pointed out several times, summer is winding down and it's time for fall to begin.
Well, at the beginning of spring, I bought a bunch of wallflower bulbs during some sort of sale from Bath & Body Works.
I have always generally liked this method of room fragrance just because the scents have always been so strong, and I've rarely had a dud...
...when the Exotic Coconut wallflower refill bulb emits fragrance, it smells great. But 92.974582598% of the time, I can't smell anything.
Nada. Nuthin'. Nichego. Niente.
My first "dud," I'd call it. If it doesn't dispel fragrance more than half of the time, even a little bit, what's the point? I'm upset mainly because the reviews on this fragrance bulb were GLOWING online, and tons of people said it had a great scent throw.
Unfortunately, less than 7% is just not cuttin' it for me. I give this bulb a 4/10, because, when I can smell the scent, I like it, but I can't smell it that often. The scent smells of toast coconut with hints of sweet fruit, possibly pineapple or mango, something tropical.

I had hopes this would be great for a summer to fall transitional wallflower, but I ain't gettin' nothin', friends.
Have you had any luck with B&BW wallflowers? Let me know! :(


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I quit wall flowers about a year ago. I didn't get ANYTHING at all from hardly any of them and that was too much money to waste not having scent. I hope it works out!

    1. Do you use any sort of plug in or fragrance for smaller rooms like bathrooms? Perhaps a plug-in warmer? I'd like to find a better alternative than these wallflowers since I've heard bad experiences as well as good ones. This is the first one that has failed me!!


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