Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Picture Post: Non-Waxy Photos From the Last Few Weeks #5!

Random photo post time! :)
I found this photo on the Balboa Park Twitter page and HAD to share it. Look at this gorgeous sky and that rainbow! In case you don't know, Balboa Park is one of the best places in San Diego for photography. There are so many plants, old buildings, trees, amazing scenery all around. Just stunning!
I got this shampoo and conditioner sample from a Sephora order I placed for some nail polish a few weeks back. I used it and wanted to give my feedback. I don't know what or who BB is, but they are rich. Between BB creams and BB shampoos and such, they must have tons of dough. I didn't like this at all. While it did thicken my hair, it made it almost unbearable to work with as far as putting it up in a clip or ponytail. Good to know, I guess. PS: Bumble makes me think of Rudolph, and Rudolph makes me think of Christmas. YUP, YUP, it's almost that time again!!!
We had Chinese food the other day for dinner, and this was Josh's fortune. How sweet, huh?.....
........this was my fortune, LMAO! What kind of fortune is that?!........
........apparently a good one, because Josh came home with these cupcakes, LOL. Insanity! Look at the cool colors! ;)
Don't mind the sheet at the cloth at the top of the bed, ha! Freddo is out of his cone! YAYYYY!!! He was in desperate need of a haircut, but he was soooo freaking glad to be able to get under the bed...
...this is what he looks like now! His fur was so matted from his accident that the groomer had to shave everything off entirely. He looks like a brand new pup! He's been loving the cooler 'do for the end of summer. I just love this picture. :)
During our time without a fridge, we tried Bronx Pizza, a popular New York style pizza join here in SD. I really like thinner crust pizza, and this was no exception. I thought it tasted awesome! once again, a wax related photo on a non-wax photo post. OH WELL YOLO. Josh found these at Target and bought them for me! Fall Hayride is very interesting and complex, while I don't like Pumpkin Spice so much, neither did he. Orchard Apple Cinnamon smells very basic but nice. We shall see how these perform!
I won another giveaway, this one was from Sincerely Kelley XOXO. I have really come to love her blog in the last few months, and I like her YouTube channel as well. She was doing a giveaway for the VS Fresh Sorbets in Frozen Apple * Sparkling Cassis body souffle. This stuff smells INCREDIBLE!!! Along with that, she send 2 Yankee Pure Radiance Candles in the scents cinnamon scone and sugar flower, which both smell amazing. I really enjoy the sweet rose! She also sent a lotion from  Bath & Body Works in Mandarin Blossom (which is going to be awesome in the spare bathroom in case people need lotion...another winner in the "smells good" department!) as well as a Black Cherry Merlot foaming hand soap. Not pictures are two Baby Lips chapsticks and a scent shot from CBV in Vanilla Cake Pops. I cannot get over her generosity, it was so sweet of her to offer a giveaway, but then to go above and beyond?! WOW, I was floored. Thanks again to Kelley!!
Nails of the Day: China Glaze's Bottoms Up. I LOVE this color, it's a neon pink, which usually isn't my style, but it's really pretty. Fun for the end of summer!
I will leave you with the weirdest Jeopardy! mash-up in the history of the world. I love Conan.

Have a nice weekend, friends! :)


  1. Freddo looks so cute and cuddly with his shaggy hair, and so handsome with his buzzcut.

    The Glade melts...I haven't bought any of the fall scents but I do have Fall Hayride and Toasted Marshmallow in candle form. I passed on the pumpkin melts because the scent seemed very harsh, and I have a ton of pumpkin scents from other vendors.

    Cool prizes! You're stealing my crown of luck when it comes to winning giveaways. I must remedy this STAT!


    1. He does look quite dapper with his new haircut, but I miss his little old man beard!

      I completely agree with the pumpkin Glade melt, IT WAS harsh smelling! Not looking forward to melting it. I want to try and get the toasted marshmallow one though!

      For some reason, I go through periods of winning stuff on and off in life. You shall never take mah crown! MWAHAHAHAH!!

    2. You could put together a 'Gawd, This Is Gross!' giveaway box and put the Glade pumpkin and that Puffy Bread whatever tart, and others you're not loving into it. I'm sure someone would still love to try them! LOL

      *plots to steal the crown*


    3. The toasted marshmallow smells so yummy in the candle form. I haven't seen it in tarts yet, if you see it, let us know!

      Agree with you both about the Pumpkin Spice --not good smelling to my nose a tall!

  2. Gimme that cupcake right now! And Freddo. So glad he's doing well and cone-less. Between Freddo's accident and your fridge, I'm sure your ready to kiss summer goodbye!

    Love that picture of Balboa park.

    I'm curious about the Bumble & Bumble you naturally have thick hair or did it make your regular hair so thick it was hard to manage?

  3. Lol Fortune cookies are a funny thing... haha :D

    Love to see that Freddo is doing well, and the view from the park is beautiful!!

    Enjoy those souffles!! Gah souffle/sorbet makes it sound so fancy!

    Bahahhaa Milking the BSB. Weirdest Jeopardy question EVER!! Hahah!

  4. went right over to Front Porch to order some Cactus & Seasalt after reading your review and of course they have none today. Still wanting a list of the tarts you have rated 10/10. :)

    1. I'm glad you're going to get to try it and that you found the number categories! Enjoy searching! :D


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