Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review: K's Kreations Rootbeer Float

What's your favorite soda, if you induge? Dr. Pepper and Barq's Root Beer are my top 2 favorites, though I've smelled Dr. Pepper in wax and it's usually never good...
...but for some reason, the sweet and fizzy nature of root beer translated extremely well into wax.
Would you like your house to smell like a cold, fizzy mug of root beer? I KNOW I DO!
So, Kathy, the owner of K's Kreations, mentioned in a thread I had started on her group Facebook page that she loved this scent, that it wasn't a high seller, but she'd never get rid of it because she likes it so much.
Well, I decided to get it in a small fluted melt before I committed to anything too rooty.
...I immediately began plotting my next order after I opened this order came, and I immediately added a bag of Rootbeer Float brittle to that list.
This scent is so spot on! It smells just like a freshly cracked can of root beer, minus a bit of fizziness; don't be concerned, though, this scent IS fizzy! It's sweet, it's accurate, and it's wonderful. The throw is a medium high, which is fine for a scent like this. Josh was extremely pleased with my choice in this scent the other day, and I'm glad I got a back-up bag of brittle since I used this tart!

K's Kreations Rootbeer Float
Cold Rating8/10; extremely accurate on cold sniff, minus just a skosh of fizziness.
Lit Rating: 8.5/10; so, so good! It really does smell like its soda counterpart. Very nice staple scent, since we're root beer fans.
Throw Rating7/10; medium high scent throw, could smell this into the TV room, but not much farther. Did linger for a while, though.
Overall Rating8/10; I can't say I'm surprised that I like this. Barq's is the best, no question. Has bite. Rooty flavor in the air makes you thirsty. Agreeing with vendors who seem to know their customers very well!

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