Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Haul: The Scented Princess Haul #3!

Dawn from The Scented Princess was running a sale a few weeks ago where, if you bought $25+ worth of products, you would get 10 free scent shots! Well, I was basically looking for any excuse to order from her again, so I took the bait! Here's what I got!
Here's her business card! With every order I've received, SHE SENDS A BIT OF CANDY! Yay! It's a nice touch!
Dawn sent me a ton of bath & body samples! First, we have a sample of V.S. Heavenly type sugar scrub! I've already used this and it smelled and felt amazing! Next, we have a body butter sample in Sugar Cookie Bomb...this smells good enough to eat! It's a cool purple and yellow color. I like the consistency of this, too.
Next sample is a cocoa butter lotion bar. I've never used anything bath and body with cocoa butter and know little about it...can anyone tell me what the benefits are to this? It smells just like chocolate and feels extra smooth!
The cocoa butter bar itself. Smiley face! :)
Here's a flower shaped soap sample in Pink Chiffon type. I know that the Bath & Body Works scent Pink Chiffon is really popular, but I've never smelled this is how it smells, it's a winner! It's super sexy smelling. I might have to order some body spray from Dawn in this scent (and serendipity!). Love the design, too!
Onto my order! She had several RTS items available, and this huuuuuuge chunk of lemon chiffon sugar mint vanilla bean noel was one of them. This smells incredible! You get each individual scent every time you sniff. It's a great blend. I love the fact that it looks like a butter pat in the middle, too, hehehe.
Another RTS item, a muffin chunk in Sweet Diamond Rose; I believe this is named after her precious pooches! Not sure what's in this, but it smells great, slightly perfumey and wonderful.
And now, the reason for the order! I've wanted to try Dawn's whipped wax for a while now. When I found out one of the 12-piece clamshells I had in Sugar Mint Serendipity had a skunky undertone to it, I decided to get that same scent in scoopable! It's my favorite serendipity, pink sugar, peppermint blend from any vendor. Not too strong, but not weak by any means. Will have to let this cure a long while! LOVE the logo on the container, too!
I also got another scoopable in green apple explosion + serendipity. I got this blend in a scent shot a long time ago and needed to get some more of it. You wouldn't think that serendipity and green apple go well together, but they do! It's a really unique, interesting blend. Also, love the glitter on top of the wax!
I went blend crazy with my 10 free scent shots. I love the colors on these! Here's what I ask for from Dawn for my freebies.

  • Tiki Beach Serendipity: a B&BW dupe meets serendipity...this is a phenomenal blend. An even more tropical serendipity than usual!
  • Pink Sugar Caribbean Escape: another tropical blend, this time with pink sugar. I was on a tropical kick!
  • Jena's Frosty Mint Bean: a blend created by YouTuber Jena, msmyzee. It's got peppermint, vanilla bean noel, and Frostbite, which is sort of a Vick's VapoRub scent. It'll be good to melt at night!
  • Serendipity Fruity Rings: pretty self explanatory, I love fruit loops blends, and had this in my first TSP order!
  • Granny's Pie Crust Vanilla Bean Noel: Love Dawn's granny's pie crust, and thought it'd be extra luscious with VBN mixed into it! It's great!
  • Serendipity Cotton Candy Frosting Pink Sugar: I pretty much just get pink sugar and buttercream from this, but times two in sweetness. It'll be nice in the office.
  • Grapefruit & Mangosteen: Sometimes, grapefruit scents smell like armpits. I KNOW, GROSS, right. But this one doesn't, so that's a plus.
  • Pink Sugar, Pink Grapefruit, Green Apple Explosion: my favorite blend from the order. It's incredible! The pink grapefruit and pink sugar mixed with tart green apple really makes for a nice treat! Need a scoopable of this ASAP!
  • Serendipity Sweet Tooth: my least favorite of my own blends. Something about this doesn't mesh together well in my nose. Meh!
  • Honey Pear Cider: a Scentsy dupe? Anyways, this is pear mixed with super cinnamon! YUM!
There you have it, my third order with The Scented Princess! Have you tried this vendor? Do you have any good blends you want to recommend to me? :)


  1. Cocoa butter is often used on scars and stretch marks. It's high in several vitamins, creates a sort of barrier to help skin retain moisture, and is also a recommended treatment for eczema and dermatitis. (And when used in soap making it helps create a harder bar of soap.)


  2. I haven't tried them but I've been looking for a scoopable vanilla type scent to blend and their "whipped" sounds good.
    Also, I've been keeping my soap intrigue at bay (I am a fan of Lush but rarely get down to fashion valley to keep their soap on hand), but now that I'm seeing all these great indie vendors and their soap scrubs and bars, I have this feeling.... :)

    1. Tiffany Candles makes THE BEST vanilla bean noel dupe I've ever smelled, AND their scoopable is AWESOME! Whipped wax, loaves, and pies are all the rage right now in the wax world.

      Any vendor that makes scrubs and soaps are generally going to be better than big retailers, in my opinion! Lots of the vendors don't use "the bad stuff" in their soaps and lotions and scrubs which draws me to them! Th Bathing Garden makes amaaaaazing scrubs!

  3. GREAT haul! I love Dawn's wax so much! I put myself on a no buy though until August first. The only two orders I can make until then are Niki's Wax & RG. It's HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD! I need more wax from her :(

    1. Niki's Wax, I want to try their stuff so bad! AGHH! It's better to be on a no-buy, though, it's hard, but you can do it! :)


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