Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: The Happy Little Bee's Honey Almond

Honey is one of those things we always have in the house but rarely ever use. Unless I'm having a glass of tea, or course. Or we're making honey mustard sauce.
The Happy Little Bee's Honey Almond (old photo pictured) means a finished clamshell! Yay! After the Honey Almond disaster from Sweet Fixations I wrote about in my Weekend Wax Review, I needed something that worked well and gave me a burst of honey almond goodness...well, I knew this was the one. Even though it's light on cold sniff, it really packs a proverbial punch while melting!

I had this in the bedroom, and got pretty good results! I like to order this from every vendor if they carry it to see how it smells, and The Happy Little Bee's is one of my favorites. It's not so strong that you can't stomach it; the scent is "pretty," if pretty had a smell. Honey and almond work well together on many levels and I must say, I am not disappointed!

The Happy Little Bee's Honey Almond
Cold Rating: 5/10; sort of muted on cold sniff, but you can definitely smell both notes in this!
Lit Rating7/10; almost perfect combination of honey and almond, but not too overwhelming.
Throw Rating6.5/10; medium throw with a nice longevity. This lasted about 5 hours!
Overall Rating: 6/10; soothing, mysterious, cloyingly sweet, and I wish THLB was opened so I could buy some more from her!

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  1. havn't ordered from this vendor yet, looks good


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