Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Wax Review: May 31-June 2

I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Josh bought me a Keurig Coffee Maker for my birthday! I have had my eye on one for about a year and a half or two years, figured they'd go down in price eventually, and that Josh was good with our drip coffee machine (that my grandma bought me when I turned 18...9 years ago, ha!). Well, I had forgotten about it, and then received it for my birthday! WOO!

I am addicted to coffee, and the Keurig is pretty dang amazing. The pods are a bit more expensive than ground or whole bean coffee per cup (I think?), but we also have an attachment that you can use for your own coffee grounds. I'M IN LOVE! Now, before I start sounding like an infomercial for Keurig, here are some wax reviews!
Sweet Fixations Honeyed Almond not only had a terrible throw, but it also smelled terrible. All I got from this was waxiness, and it wasn't pleasant. It also smelled like sour milk. I only melted it for thirty minutes on Friday morning, and quickly got rid of it. I wouldn't repurchase this. This gets a 2/10 all around. I was super disappointed because this is one of my favorite blends.
Candles from the Keeping Room's Merry Berry Chutney was nice, and Josh liked it, too! Nice berry scent mixed in with other types of light spices. On cold sniff, 6/10, on warm throw, 6.5/10. The throw was good with a 6.5/10, for a total of 6.5/10! I might repurchase this! It also lasted for 3.5 hours.
Crabby Candle Co.'s version of Pink Sugar is definitely one of the least bit "abrasive, in-yo-face" versions I have ever smelled. It had a weird subtlety to it that I enjoyed on cold sniff, but the throw was just not there while warming. I would repurchase, but would use way sooner than I did, since this is soy. On cold sniff, 6/10, while warming, 5/10. The throw was a 4/10, for a total of 5/10. It lasted 4 hours with minimal throw, I just kept getting wisps of this.
Decided to dip into my Closet Full of Wax stash and melt one of my own creations, Serendipity Vanilla Bean Noel, in the bedroom. Again, not very much there. It lasted for about an hour, then the scent was completely gone. The cold throw smell was light, too. So, on cold sniff, 4/10, while warming, 3.5/10. The throw was a 3.5/10, for a total of 3.5/10. Not a repurchase for me.
In the kitchen, I also had Jack Be Nimble Candle Creations Raspberry Sangria melting much to my delight! I am usually not an alcoholic drink fan in wax (in real life, THAT'S another story), but this scent shot was EXCELLENT! Pure amazement! It was sweet, fruity, no real hints of fizz (though sangria isn't fizzy), and ridiculously strong! I could smell it in the bedroom AND outside! Awesome, definitely a repurchase, and lasted for 7 hours. On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 8/10. The throw is a 9/10, for a total of 8/10! YUM! Try out JBN Candles, Paul's stuff is brilliant!
At the same time, in the bedroom, I melted Front Porch's Tea & Danish. I have been big into tea scents lately and this didn't disappoint! There was a danish sweetness to this that didn't overpower the tea. It was really great, and it even inspired me to drink a glass of hot tea while melting! Ha! On cold sniff, 7/10, while warming, 7.5/10. The throw was a 7.5/10 as well, for a total of 7.5/10! Lasted 4.5 hours, definite repurchase!
Nighttime melt on Friday! Rosegirls Peppermint brittle was suuuper strong when I received my package, but I don't know what happened. The brittle scent got almost completely diminished somehow. Could it be the paper bags? Not sure, but this got really light all around. I give it a 4/10, but, if I would have melted it when I received the package, it would have been a 7.5/8. It was insanely strong, but something happened to make it die. :(
*Just for fun, here's my first Rosegirls pie, from an order I made earlier this year. The scents are pink sugar, vanilla butter, and serendipity. AMAZING!
Shayz's Scent's Pinkended Pomegranate was a very nice fruity and pink scent! The fruit was super citrusy without being awfully tart. The pink sugar toned this down. On cold sniff, 6/10, and while warming, 7/10. The throw was a 5/10, for a total of 6/10; I would repurchase this and it lasted for about 4.5 hours in the kitchen.
Another old photo for a new melt! Streetman Candle Co.'s Wossamotta U was really great, melted it in the spare bedroom. It was fruity, sugary, and there was definitely wildberry mousse in here; it smelled like wildberry mousse's sweeter cousin! So good! On cold sniff, 6/10, while warming, 7.5/10. The throw was a 6.5/10, for a total of 6.5/10! Repurchase for sure, and it lasted 8 hours in the spare bedroom! It mixed well with the pinkended pomegranate from Shayz!
For the rest of the day in the kitchen, I melted Streetman Candle Co.'s Wildberry Mousse, to compliment the Wossamotta U. Lovely, just lovely! On cold sniff, 6.5/10, and while warming, 7/10. The throw was a 6.5/10, for a total of 6.5/10! Repurchase x 100!
Saturday's nighttime melt: The Bathing Garden's Dream Within A Dream! How should I put this...herbal lavender meets sleepytime goodness? This was really nice, but you have to be in the mood for something super herbal and something super strong. This worked well at night, I slept pretty good, too! On cold sniff, 8/10, and while warming, 8.5/10. The throw was a 7.5/10, for a total of 8/10, and I might repurchase it!
(ANOTHER OLD PHOTO, WUT) Sweet Fixation's take on Serendipity was decent, melted this in the office, but expected a bit more from it after curing for almost...6-7 months? Oh well! It was just okay, I give this a 5.5/10 across the board. It lasted 3.5 hours.
I forgot to share this photo! A birthday surprise from my brother-in-law! Tiffany Candles! Thanks again, Matt! :)
Rosegirls Pina Colada Cotton Candy seemed weird to me...why would you mix cotton candy with pina colada? But, it really worked! I melted this in the kitchen and it lasted about 7 hours! I really liked the super sweet cotton candy mixed with a tropical scent, but I wish it would have been a bit stronger. This one gets a 6/10 across the board, and a repurchase is in the foreseeable future!
Sunday's nighttime melt: The Bathing Garden's Sleepy and one of my favorite pink peppermint scents! This time I used the last 2 cubes from my clamshell, but have 2 more back-ups! I just love this's sweet, but the peppermint is definitely the main note here. The Bathing Garden is amazing. Anyways, the cold sniff on this is 6.5/10, and the melted is 7/10. The throw is about a 6/10, for a total of 6.5/10, but I find I don't need to be choked out by this if I'm sleeping anyways, you know? Love it. Will repurchase forever.

There you go, this weekend's melts! Sorry it took a while to get it out to you, there was a lot here! I am going back to writing notes in my wax book and not on the computer, much easier! Have a splendid week, waxy friends! :)


  1. *raises my hand* with the fans of keurig! We have one at work and it's a godsend.

    Lauren, your house must smell amazing all the time. You have such great melts, I can only imagine the compliments you get from house guests!!

    1. What kinds of K Cups have you tried and liked? We got some Barista Prima onees in a Columbian roast that we love, plus got some iced coffee ones from Amazon today!

      We just recently moved to a big house, so it's weird having fragrances going in every room, lol! Before in our condo, it was just one thing until it was gone, now we have options! :D

    2. Green Mountain Coffee's English Toffee is my favorite. I also like The Original Donut Shop's coconut mocha when I want something sweet. I should try the iced coffee ones, that sounds great for summer!

  2. I LOVE my Keurig. I've had it for about a year now and I can't live without it. Sure the pods are a little pricey but coffee in 2 minutes? Yes, please! I used to buy Starbucks everyday so I look at it like I'm saving money!

    Also, I love Dream Within a Dream and Tea & Danish! Great melts this week!


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