Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Streetman Seasoning's Spicy Onion Dip (Off-Topic Tuesday)

Josh was the only person I ever knew who ate onion dip.
With Doritos.
It's weird, sure...but it's pretty darn good!
Tony and Heather Streetman have done it again!

In addition to taco seasoning in four varieties (as of now), they have created Streetman Seasonings Spicy Onion Dip (as well as hamburger seasoning, set to launch sometime soon, I hope!). Even before I opened the package, I could smells its oniony aroma right away. It smells delicious! You can never have too many onions, in my opinion. This also smelled like the taco seasoning we had tried a few weeks ago, except a bit less spicy. Here's the instructions!
Mix 16oz. of sour cream with one packet of seasoning. That's it! tub of Daisy sour cream (not a plug, just our favorite) because it has no extra icky/unnecessary/filler ingredients in it. Right away, the mix started turning a reddish/whiteish color; the packet was pretty powdery, so I had to give it a good, long stir to incorporate all the extra elements.
 Mmmmmmmmmmmm, empty bowl for tortilla chip scraping....
Voila! There you have it! Delicious, flavorful, spicy onion dip! I scooped the mix back into the container and refrigerated it for about an hour before we dug into it.

We have used almost all of the 16oz. container. I've used it as chip dip, as a side to quesadillas, and as a replacement to sour cream on numerous Mexican dishes (including leftover tacos with Streetman Seasonings Exorcised, reviewed here). Like I said earlier, it's onion heavy (as it should be), and I really enjoyed it. The thing other, generic onion dips are missing is spice, and this dip delivers! I give it a 7/10! Yum! :)


  1. ..it might be time for me to order. This sounds really good. I'll have to check out all your past treetman candle reviews.

    Food and wax. whaaaaaaa....?!

    1. They are closing fairly soon, I think, and reopening in August!

      Food and wax, what could be better!?

  2. Ha, I was wondering from the title 'Is this the same Streetman that does wax?' Apparently so. I didn't realize they did foodie things too. Cool.


    1. Heather's husband is manning the food portion of the business, I believe! He's got a way with spices!


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