Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something Different: 30 Days of MoviePass

I know this is a scent/wax/candles/tarts blog, but, for Josh's birthday, I bought him a month's subscription to MoviePass.

To those who are not familiar, MoviePass is a paid subscription service where you have "unlimited" access to 2D-movies. Here's how it works:

  • Users can see one 2D-movie a day, every day, until their subscription expires with a limit of one showing per movie. 
    • For example, if I wanted to see "The Hangover Part III" twice or in 3-D, I wouldn't be able to. 
  • The company sends you a MoviePass "credit card" in the mail a few days after you've registered with their website.
  • Upon receiving your card, register it online, then download the MoviePass app on your phone, and begin seeing movies!
  • Once you arrive at your destination theater, you must "check-in" on the MoviePass app.
    • You have to be within 100 feet of the theater to "check-in," (in the parking lot is where they suggest).
  • Find the movie and showtime you wish to see, and reserve your seats to the movie.
  • Go inside the theater to the ticket purchasing kiosk, swipe your MoviePass "credit card" (now funded with the cost of one movie ticket), and voila! Easy as pie!

Since we wanted to try it out first before we committed to a year's service, I went with the one-month plan, $49.99/month, per person; if you commit to a year of service, the monthly price drops to about $29.99/month. The reason I am putting the price will become apparent throughout the next month!

Well, waxy friends, Josh and I are on a mission to see 30 movies in 30 days with MoviePass. As frequent movie-goers anyways, we generally limit ourselves to early morning showings because, in our area, tickets are discounted for showings before 12:00pm. Matinee tickets are cheaper than late night showings, but these early morning movies are at least $2-$4 less. And, I want to document our attempt!

My question to you is: would you readers mind and/or hate it if I added movie review posts in with my wax review posts? They would be separate so you could scroll past them if you were not interested, which won't offend me in the slightest! I'll more than likely write these reviews on this blog anyways, but I wanted to let you know and get some input; I really don't want to create another blog! Movies are a big part of our lives, and I thought, why not write about the ones we saw!?

Thoughts? :)


  1. 30 movies in 30 days!?!?! Oh you have to document that! Let me do the math real quick for the yearly subscription. $30/month, let's say an average movie is $12/movie--3 movies a month would pay for the subscription.

    Not bad! What a great gift!

    Nope, wouldn't mind it a bit. I enjoy seeing a glimpse of personal life behind my waxy blogger friends :)

    1. We've been to 2 movies so far, and the retail value is already at $29 (2 tickets at $8.75, 2 tickets at $5.75). We're well on our way to reaching the retail value of the tickets!

      I am glad you don't mind, I will post my first review now! :)

  2. I'd love to see movie reviews. And any other non-waxy things!



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