Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: Yankee Candle's Rainbows End

I know you must be thinking to yourself...
Is that you?
Has your bloggy blog been taken over by corporate overlords?

No, my dear waxy friends, it has not.
I have about 20 Yankee tarts just sitting and collecting dust. I figured, maybe if I used my 12W one-piece Yankee warmer, I might get some performance out of them (as opposed to my 24W hot plate.
I was so surprised to find I actually: A) got a scent throw from this, and B) enjoyed it a lot!
Rainbow's End is a sort of masculine, fresh, and bright scent. It has hints of freshly rained on Earth, crisp air, and simmering citrus. Lovely, but again, not earth-shattering. It is good to know I will be able to use these tarts!

How do YOU burn your Yankee tarts and votives?

Yankee Candle's Rainbow's End
Cold Rating: 4/10; there are small hints of crisp air through the plastic, and once you remove it, you do get some smell from this tart, just not a lot.
Lit Rating6.5/10; very nice smell! I like this a lot: slightly masculine, slightly citrusy, but mostly airy freshness. Lovely!
Throw Rating4.5/10; the throw is here and there, but mostly not
Overall Rating5/10; something other than nothing, which I got used to! Good to know I can use a small wattage warmer and get results. Wanting to see a rainbow. Missing the rain. Drizzle. Fog. Coolness. ~*RAINBOW~*

PS: Have a great week!! :)


  1. I've given up on Yankee tarts until I start hearing they've changed or improved. I'm not against the votives though, and we just bought some this weekend. Hubby just burns them like the candles they are, but I might try to melt one as a tart and see what happens. I'll be trying with Tea & Honey scent today.


    1. It's a toss-up, really...some say the new formula is better, others say it's worse. I don't know, but I think my issue was always the warmer. I'm glad your hubby gets good results burning the votives as candles! Let me know how Tea & Honey smells!

  2. I use the tealight burner for YC tarts. I've tried a couple of the stronger minty scents in the hotplate in my bedroom, but none have performed well.

    1. It's such a shame to hear this...Yankee used to perform so well, and now they just fall flat. :(


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