Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: Streetman Candle Company's Long Island Limeade

Once I learned how to make lemonade myself and saw how simply it was, we don't have to buy that crapola from the grocery store!
Limeade? That's a different tale. That's pretty much all processed, isn't it? Or, you need umpteen trillion limes?

I have been so into citrus scents lately it's insane. I found a few Snap Sticks from Streetman Candle Co. in one of my wax boxes and gasped. I thought I had used them all long ago! Long Island Limeade, a fan favorite, is such a great scent, and throw was incredibly strong, too! It smells like a wonderful lime drink, even possibly a margarita sans alcohol! There are hints of berry in here too. It made the entire house smell like a wonderful, citrusy beverage. I absolutely LOVE these Snap Sticks; you can use just a little or the entire thing all in one. I used the entire thing and I'm not ashamed. Heather also makes bundt cake shapes now, too, which I have yet to order, but will. *SOON*

The only thing better than Long Island Limeade in wax form would be Long Island Limeade in drink form. Hmmm.....if I drink the wax, it'll be like that episode of "The Simpsons" where Homer goes to the chili cook-off! Hmmmmmmmmmmm....

Streetman Candle Co.'s Long Island Limeade
Cold Rating8/10; delicious citrus scent with amazing cold sniff throw.
Lit Rating9/10; LOVED this so much! It smelled really great, refreshing, just what I needed!
Throw Rating8.5/10; super strong, lingered throughout the house all day; even though other things were melting, I could smell this the most!
Overall Rating: 8.5/10; love of citrus only getting stronger. Need more asap. Tropical drink ok, wax is not: DON'T DRINK THE WAX.


  1. i love limeade scents! i got the BHG blackberry limeade but it's not as good as online vendors

    1. Streetman Candle Co. makes great citrus and fruit scents! BHG blackberry limeade is a good one as well, but you're right, not as good as the online vendors ones!

  2. I seriously go gaga for lime! Love lime anything. Putting this down as one I must try!

    1. Lime is one of my favorites as well, and this is definitely a must-try!

  3. I love reading your reviews! You make me laugh AND buy new scents. I have never purchased from Streetman but that may change come fall. Too ding dang hot in Florida righ tnow to buy anymore wax.

    1. Hi, thanks for reading! I'm glad I can do a small part to encourage buying from small-time vendors! You should try Streetman Candle Co. when you get a chance, but her wax is extremely soft, so yeah, it will probably melt!

      Do you know about the "hold at post office" option some vendors are using? I guess you can request your package be held at the post office for pick-up to reduce melting!

    2. No, I didn't know that could be an option. Thanks! I will certainly look into it.


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